Coming off a nice day in a three day slate, we’ve got a bit of momentum heading into what looks like a very promising 9 game slate in the NBA. We’ve got one of the fantasy match-ups of the season with Washington vs Sacramento, and there are a few other decent match-ups on the board as well. While we don’t normally advise putting all of our eggs in one basket so to speak, as the game may not always follow the narrative we expect, the Kings-Wizards game is a game where having exposure to 3-4 players in your lineup won’t be a mistake.

This article isn’t designed to be a complete guide to roster composition but rather provide you with options to supplement your own selections.

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NBA Tuesday Bank Picks

Point Guards

John Wall $9500 – Our number one play on the board today. The Kings play at a fast pace, defend poorly, and don’t defend the PG position particularly well. John Wall on the other hand is rocking a 29% useage on the season, and launching 20 field goal attempts and playing 40m per game over his last 2 games. He also performs better at home this season than on the road. It’s a perfect storm for a dominant fantasy performance.

Rajon Rondo $8600 – So John Wall’s defence has a slight negative effect on opposing PG’s, but the Wizards as a whole are almost as bad as the Kings in terms of pace and defensive efficiency. Only averaging 38m per game over his last 2, Rondo isn’t quite the play that Wall is but still remains a great option and should be close to 5x or more value on the night.

Jeremy Lin $4900 – Lin has put up 5x in 6 of his last 8 games, including the monster game against the Raptors. Even ignoring his performance against the Raptors, he’s averaging about 27 minutes/game during this period, and putting up 13 shots/game over his last 5, up from 9 on the year. Rockets are also above average in pace and below average in defence, and Vegas has this game looking to be close.

Others to consider – Dennis Schroder $4600, Kemba Walker $7900, Ricky Rubio $7000

Shooting Guards

Jimmy Butler $8400 – Probably our top SG option on the board today, though we don’t love him when compared to the stars at other positions. Nice matchup against the Nets, and should be fully recovered from his 4OT game against the Pistons, but probably won’t be a staple of our lineups.`

Kent Bazemore $5300 –  Has surpassed 32 minutes three times in the last four games, which is insane for his value given he only averages 23 for the season. Another close game here, and another game where we could see him top at least 30m, with a nice matchup against Portland to boot.

Rodney Hood $4200 – Not sure why we keep coming back to the well here. Everything points to the fact that he should be good. Averages 4.5x on the season. Nice matchup. Starts and averages a solid 30mpg. Can score as well as stuff the stat sheet. Basically everything suggests he should be good, but he never is when we pick him. We’re probably gonna have him in our lineup again today, but he’s inconsistent so don’t have him as a staple.

Others to consider – Alec Burks $5100, Manu Ginobli $4200

Small Forwards

Nicolas Batum $7500 – Showed his versatility when he put up 37 fantasy points against Washington in 31 minutes while only scoring 14 points. That kind of floor makes him super attractive in cash games and with a great matchup against Houston he’s probably our 1A option today at SF.

Gordon Hayward $7100 –  Really tough to differentiate between Gay and Hayward here. Given the gentleman below will be in almost all of our lineups today, we’d rather mix it up by playing Hayward here to spread our exposure across multiple games. If you aren’t playing Casspi, Gay might be a marginally better play, but you can’t go wrong with either of them.

Omri Casspi $5500 – His price has come up a bit, but he’s averaging THIRTY SEVEN minutes/game over his last 5. He put up 30+ FP in a mediocre matchup against Toronto yesterday, and now has one of the best matchups in the NBA. Must start for us.

Others to consider – Jared Dudley $4100, Rudy Gay $7300, Kelly Oubre (if Porter is out)$3500

Power Forwards

Demarcus Cousins $10100 – Hopefully you are getting the hint that we quite like this Washington-Sacramento game by now. Washington are actually above average against the C position, as Gortat is an underrated defender, but the matchup on the whole is amazing. Boogie gave us a scare last night sitting on 3 points at half time, but still finished on a respectable 43 fantasy points in only 31 minutes due to foul trouble. Expect him to beat that score today.

Paul Millsap $8500 – Solid if unspectacular matchup against the Blazers. Our only concern here is the blowout potential, with both Lillard and McCollum questionable for the game. Power Forward is actually a relatively dry position today, so we will most likely be going with Boogie and Charlotte PF X (pick whichever one you want) as our choices, but Millsap makes a solid alternate play.

Charlotte PFs Marvin Williams $5200, Cody Zeller $4000, Frank Kaminsky $3500 – We have all three of these guys likely to hit 5x or more against Houston, so it’s simply plugging in whichever fits into your budget. If we had to choose one we would recommend Zeller, but think all three make great value picks today.

Others to consider – Jon Leuer $4800, Pau Gasol $9000


Al Horford $7100 – Great matchup against the Blazers, who have been awful against the C position this season. Minutes aren’t as consistent as we would like at first glance, with 3 games in the last 10 under 30m, but two of those were blowouts. As long as this game stays close he should make a great play, but check the availability of Lillard and McCollum before plugging him in.

Marcin Gortat $6600 – Playing the Kings. Averaging 39 minutes over his last two. Has been pretty consistent all season. Play him.

Gorgui Dieng $5100 – Realistically we are going to be playing Towns here instead, because #teamtowns4lyfe but putting our objective hats on we think Dieng might be the better play. Dieng has been averaging a solid 33m over his last two games, and has produced in those outings. We also see options where game flow narrative could lead to increase minutes for Gorgui. 1) Boston destroy the Wolves at home and Gorgui plays most of the 4th with the starters being rested. 2) Towns struggling against Boston’s pressure defence and starts off slow, being benched in favour of Dieng. Either way, he’s a solid play regardless, but there are a couple more reasons why we like him.

Others to consider – Karl Anthony-Towns  $6800, Joakim Noah $5600

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