Gone Missing is the sister article of Running Wild, this one, however, focuses on the players that are currently performing below their usual standard.

Use this information however you like, but don’t be afraid to jump back on these guys after their incoming salary decrease.

Out Of Form

Zach LaVine – $4,600

It looked as though Zach LaVine was transforming into a complete NBA player earlier this season, offering much more than just his impressive dunking ability. He was passing the ball well and shooting at a decent percentage as well, but at the moment, he is probably un-rosterable even if he was priced at $3,500.

In his last seven games, he has managed only 7.6 fantasy points per game from averages of 3 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.7 assists in 17.6 minutes.

Although LaVine can’t knock down his shots at the moment, he is working extra hard in the gym to try and regain some of that early season form. After Monday’s game against the Timberwolves, LaVine said, “the shot hasn’t been falling, so I’m just going to shoot until it starts going in.’’

That’s exactly what we want to see from the developing Minnesota combo guard, and there’s no doubt he will get hot again soon, it’s just a matter of whether or not you can pick when it’s going to be.

Evan Turner – $5,600

Evan Turner had been playing great basketball in the absence of Avery Bradley from the Celtics starting lineup. Without Bradley, he was seeing around 35 minutes per game and produced some terrific fantasy scores for owners (35.8, 30.0, 27.7).

However, sadly for fantasy players and Turner himself, Bradley has returned to the starting lineup, and that means he is going to see a significant decrease in playing time. In Monday’s game against the Grizzlies, Turner had a night to forget – 2 rebounds, 3 assists and no points from 21 minutes on the court.

It’s unfortunate because Turner isn’t necessarily here because he is playing worse basketball, it’s more so a reflection of his diminished opportunities now that Bradley has returned. He had been playing excellent basketball, but will now be out of consideration on Moneyball until his price falls to around $5,000 again.

Golden State Warriors – Small Forwards

Harrison Barnes ($4,400) & Andre Iguodala ($4,200)

Well, this is new.

Both Iguodala and Barnes have been particularly good selections at times on Moneyball this season. However, the return of Harrison Barnes to the lineup has muddled the production of these two bargain small forwards.

Coach Luke Walton is understandably easing Barnes back into action before inserting him into the starting lineup again. All that means for us is that he is currently unreliable, considering his 22-23 minutes on the court isn’t enough to be productive. Barnes was enjoying what looked to be a breakout season before his injury, so once he gets some extra minutes and regains some form and confidence, he will be a bargain on Moneyball at this price.

There was a decent stretch of games without Barnes in the team where Iguodala was almost a ‘must-pick’ on Moneyball. Now, with Barnes back in the squad and Brandon Rush in the starting lineup, Iguodala isn’t even close to a reliable fantasy option.

Keep an eye on how this situation unfolds throughout the week and if Harrison Barnes starts seeing close to 30+ minutes again, take advantage.

Kawhi Leonard – $8,500

Kawhi Leonard hasn’t been playing poorly by any means, but he is slowing down after his incredible start to the season. After reaching a well-deserved peak salary of $9,100, he has now dropped back down to $8,500.

Kawhi’s fantasy output looks to be declining as the season goes on. In January, he is averaging 31.5 fantasy points per game, compared to 36.5 in December and 40.3 in November. I don’t think it’s something that will continue, and he should bounce back to averaging around the 38+ fantasy points per game area.

If his salary decreases to $8,000, he will be one of the best double-up selections, once again, considering his consistency.