Point Guards

John Wall $10,400 – It’s very tempting to pay up for both Wall and Paul. As mentioned below, Paul has been the better pick lately, but Wall has just as much if not greater upside, and the matchup is also a great one. Haven’t decided yet if I’m going Wall, Conley or Moore as my second PG in cash, as all three make a pretty compelling case.

Chris Paul $10,000 – Number one PG play on the board today. While it’s tempting to go Wall in a great matchup, he’s been in less impressive form, averaging a full 10 FP less per game over his last 5. I love Wall as a tourney play, but unless you pay up for both, Paul is the better cash play. This game is expected to be higher scoring and be closer, and Paul is cheaper and has been in better form.

Mike Conley $7100 – Averaging a solid 34 FP in his last 5, but more importantly is averaging 41 FP in his two previous games against the Lakers. This figure sounds impressive, but is made more so by the fact that due to the Lakers ineptitude, he’s only averaged 27m in those two games. If the Lakers can keep this one close (which Vegas expects them to)  he could see a full complement of close to 35 minutes, in which case it could get very nice for Conley owners.

E’twaun Moore $3900 – His price has finally gone up, but it’s still about $1000 cheaper than Fanduel and almost 2k cheaper than Draftkings, suggesting he offers pretty incredible value. While Atlanta are a decent defensive team, they are nothing to be afraid of. Moore probably jumps to first equal with Paul if Rose is ruled out, otherwise he remains similar to Conley and Wall.

Others to consider – Kyle Lowry $9200, Derrick Rose $6800

Shooting Guards

Victor Oladipo $7200 – Hard to pay up for him when there are so many great plays around the 5k mark, but he possesses a little more upside than a lot of those plays. I don’t think he’ll be making my cash lineups, but makes a great tourney play.

Evan Fournier $5400 – Has been a must play for a good week now, and nothing changes here. The Knicks are a mediocre matchup, but when you’ve got a guy playing close to 40m a game at this price, he could be playing the Spurs and he’d still be a nice play.

JJ Reddick $5100 – Really tough to distinguish between Reddick and Crawford here, but I’ll give the nod to the starter. The Kings are terrible against all pos.. shooting guards, and Reddick should have a chance to have a field day.

Others to consider – Bradley Beal $5600, Jamal Crawford $5500, Courtney Lee $3500

Small Forwards

Carmelo Anthony $8900 – Once again, tough to choose between George and Melo, but Melo gets the nod as he’s a little more consistent. George has the better matchup on paper, but Melo’s game is expected to be closer and higher scoring. Both make great plays here.

Matt Barnes $4600 – Pretty close to a must play for us. Put up 39 FP against the Lakers last time around , and has averaged close to 35m/game since Green was traded. Great matchup again.

Wesley Johnson $4600 – There are three mediocre players in great matchups that are close here, with Johnson, Covington and Dudley all in play. I’ve elected Johnson as my first choice simply because he should see a few extra minutes with Pierce out, and the Kings are truly a great matchup.

Others to consider – Paul George $9200, Robert Covington $5100, Jared Dudley $5100

Power Forwards

Demarcus Cousins $11,000 – This game is expected to be a shootout, and Boogie has probably the highest upside on the board today. The only thing that can slow him down is trouble with the refs in this matchup, and failing that he should have a massive game. Expensive, but he would be the number one play of the day if you can afford him.

Zach Randolph $6600 – ‘Disappointed’ with only 30 Fp against the Lakers last time out, but has averaged a very healthy 32 FP over his last 5, and the matchup is a great one. Should continue to be close to a lock for 4x+ with some decent upside to boot.

Aaron Gordon $6000 – People don’t seem that excited by Gordon again today, but  he now has 7 straight games with at least 30 FP. The Knicks are not a particularly scary opponent, and there’s no reason this streak can’t continue.

Jamychal Green $3500 – Risky, but has been producing value. Averaging 24 minutes and 20 FP as a starter, he’s got a great matchup against the Lakers who just put 25 FP up against.

Others to consider – Pau Gasol $9300, Paul Millsap $8200, Markief Morris $4700


DeAndre Jordan $9300 – Great matchup against the Kings, and Jordan has been in great form lately. Has to be the top C play today, the only questions are whether you can afford him and whether you feel confident stacking the late game so heavily.

Al Horford $7700 – Great matchup against the Bulls, who have really struggled defensively since.. all of their defensive players got injured. Coming off a massive game, so I hate chasing the points, but Horford has shown his upside there and it’s a nice matchup. Really like Gortat here as well at this price range, but Horford has the higher upside.

Nicola Jokic $5800 – Do you feel lucky punk? Do ya? Takes balls to play Jokic here, but his upside is incredible, as he can hit 40 FP in just 20m of play. Neither Dirk nor Zaza are the type of player to get their opponent in foul trouble, so there’s a decent chance that he can play a full complement of minutes, but he’s definitely inconsistent. Amazing tourney option, not sure if I’m brave enough to play him in cash.

Others to consider – Marcin Gortat $7600,  Myles Turner $5800, Brandon Wright $3500