Pretty crazy day yesterday, as we saw the fantasy performance of the season with Davis dropping 89 fantasy points in an absolutely stellar performance against the Pistons. Where was this guy when we rostered him 100% during the first half of the season?

Nice slate today, with 7 games on the cards and a few fantasy friendly matchups as well.

Point Guards

Steph Curry $11100 – Decent matchup against the Hawks, who although they have defended the PG position well, they’re expected to keep the game close, which is always the most important thing for Steph Curry. Ideally will see a full complement of minutes, and could have a massive game.

Chris Paul $9600 – Slightly prefer Paul to Lowry, despite the blowout likelihood. Can’t imagine him scoring less than 35 FP, so his floor remains pretty high despite the blowout potential, and Phoenix have been terrible at defending the PG position. On the off chance this game remains close, his upside is through the roof.

Jordan Clarkson $5900 – A lot of people seem to be on the D’Angelo Russell train today, but I don’t see the value. He averages 22 FP as a starter this season, and a lot of those games were in games with either Kobe or Clarkson out, both of whom are expected to play. So it’s a scenario where he’s in a position that he averages 4.5x in, except he’ll play less minutes and have a lower usage? No thanks. I’ll take Clarkson.

Others to consider – Goran Dragic (even if Wade plays) $6100, Kyle Lowry $9100, Isaiah Thomas $7800

Shooting Guards

Dwyane Wade $7600 – Has a usage rate this season of 33 when Bosh is off the floor, which is one of the highest in the leagues. Should only be playing today if his health is ok, so should see a full complement of minutes against a Pacers team who’s one weakness defensively is the SG position. I also love Giannis here, so if Wade is ruled out, you’ve got an easy switch.

Zach Lavine $5000 – Who knows what the heck the Wolves are doing. Alternating starts? Wtf? Either way, it’s Lavine’s ‘turn’ to start, which should give him a few extra minutes and make him a slightly more cash friendly play. Averages 29 FP as a starter this season, and the Celtics play at a high enough pace that he should see plenty of opportunity.

OJ Mayo $3500 – Bargain bin player, but coming off one of his best games of the season. Continues to draw the start in Milwaukee, and is averaging a very healthy 33 minutes over his last two. Combine those minutes with his price and the matchup against the Lakers, and you’ve got a winning formula.

Others to consider – Giannis $7500, Jamal Crawford $5400

 Small Forwards

Carmelo Anthony $8600 – Has been in great form lately, and should have a bit of extra motivation here in a home divisional matchup against the Raptors. Without Carroll, the Raps don’t really have anyone who can guard Melo, and he should have a field day against whomever they throw out to guard him.

Tobias Harris $5700 – Has made his way into more of my lineups than I would like, but it’s hard to ignore the potential value here. Van Gundy is typically a lot more tight with his rotations, and Harris should see a few extra minutes for the Pistons than he did for the Magic (he’s already averaging the same minutes/game coming off the bench). The matchup isn’t great, but he should have secure minutes and a decent usage which is nice.

Luol Deng $5000 – A lot of people seem to be off Deng as well, citing the likely return of Wade. While Deng’s usage has skyrocketed without Wade, he was seeing higher levels of production in the 7 games before the all star game as well. With Bosh out, Deng remains the defacto PF, and should see a ton of minutes and retain at least a slightly inflated usage on the season. I won’t be expecting 50 FP out of him, but think 5x is pretty likely.

Others to consider – Khris Middleton $7400, Harrison Barnes $4300

Power Forwards

Paul Millsap $8400 – We’ve got the Dray/Paul dilemma at PF again today, and once again I’ll be leaning towards Paul. Both offer great upside, though can be a tad inconsistent, but I just think Millsap’s role is more secure as the lead offensive player, whereas Dray can take a back seat if Steph or Klay get hot. Dray probably gets a slight bump ahead if Bogut is ruled out.

Julius Randle $6600 – Nice matchup against Milwaukee, and he’s been solid over his last 5, averaging a touch of 31 FP/game. I dont love the play, as he feels $500 overpriced to be a true value play, it’s a solid enough play that you can feel confident starting him if you have too much money for Parker and not enough for either of the top guys.

Jabari Parker $4800 – Close to a must play. Averaging a crazy 39 minutes over his last 5, and putting up almost 6x in that period. Great matchup against the Lakers here as well, he’s our #1 PF play of the day.

Others to consider – Draymond Green $9000


Karl Anthony-Towns $8900 – While the other day was close, today I’ve got Towns as quite a bit better than Jordan. The matchup is a lot better, and the Clips starters could be watching from the bench in the 4th. Great play today if you can afford him.

Gorgui Dieng $6400 – Ah, our old mate Gorgui, who singlehandedly tanked half our lineups the other day. Still, 8 of his previous 9 games returned 5x value, and despite the dud he’s averaging 33.5 FP over his last 5. Nice matchup as well against Boston.

Alex Len $4600 – With news just being released that Chandler is doubtful, Len is probably our #1 C play on the board. Seems to consistently put up 30-40 FP when Chandler is out, and has a nice matchup against the Clippers who are susprisingly poor against the C position. All three options here make great play, so feel free to mix and match them, C is stacked today.

Others to consider – Robin Lopez $5500, Ian Mahinmi $4200