Thanks to your most recent feedback we’ve decided to polish our NRL daily fantasy format and scoring. Rather than selecting 1x Hooker, 2x front rowers, 2x back rowers. 1x half back, 2x center/wingers and 1x fullback, your new line-up will now consist of the following positions:

You still have the unique ability to pick 9 players under the dedicated $60K salary cap, however certain positions will now be grouped together.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.12.37 pm

 – The new outside back (OB) category will include all centers, wingers and fullbacks to be selected within the same bucket.

As well as the new position format we have also added exciting new scoring parameters:

– Goal Kicks = 2pts

– Missed Goal Kicks = -1pt

– Field Goals = 4pts

– 40/20s = 4pts

We feel this update for the 2016 NRL season will provide the Moneyball community with the most realistic and exciting NRL fantasy experience ever!

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