Want to find out who has been dominating the NBA?

Running Wild looks at some players who have improved their game recently and examines whether or not you should consider these guys the next time you build your lineup.

Lifting Their Game

Dwyane Wade – $7,000

Dwyane Wade has looked incredibly rejuvenated after missing the Wizards game to rest his shoulder. His usage rate has climbed dramatically and now sits at 35.8% over the course of those four games, which is larger than the highest usage rate this season, held by DeMarcus Cousins (35.6%).

The impacts of a higher usage rate have been noticeable from a fantasy perspective, considering that he has scored 43.2 fantasy points per game (4 games), and shooting at 51.3% from the field since then.

Of course, Dwyane Wade is likely to have a rest game or two shortly again as the Heat look to manage his playing time, so keep an eye on his status. That’s one of the great benefits of Daily Fantasy Basketball, however, because you can select him on the days that he is active and know that he is going to perform.

Chandler Parsons – $6,100

It’s sure taken a while, but Chandler Parsons has elevated his game in such a way that he has been possibly the best player on the Mavericks team since the middle of January. His form is a combination of both returning to full health and playing some minutes at the power forward position which is creating mismatches for opponents. There aren’t too many power forwards that can defend Chandler Parsons all over the court, and Parsons length helps him hold his own at the other end as well.

Parsons has averaged 37.8 fantasy points per game over his last six games by scoring 24.3 points, 7.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and shooting 57.8% from the field. If Parsons keeps playing even remotely close to this kind of production, he is a player that must be considered on a daily basis at the small forward position.

Karl-Anthony Towns – $8,000

Karl-Anthony Towns is leading the Rookie of the Year race right now, and it’s not even close. He’s averaging 16.5 points, 9.8 rebounds and 1.8 blocks in only 29.6 minutes this season, which is already outstanding. But what’s even more impressive is his latest five-game stretch which has resulted in a $1,000 increase to his salary since January 21.

Coach Sam Mitchell has steadily increased Karl-Anthony’s minutes, and it’s paying dividends because he is scoring 23.6 points to go with 12.4 rebounds in 33.5 minutes per game over his last five games. From a fantasy perspective, he’s been unreal and has recorded 46.9 fantasy points per game over this five-game rampage as well.

Interestingly enough, after he scored a season-high 32 points against the Clippers, he declared that he “played terrible”, particularly on the defensive end. If this is what we are getting from a “terrible” Karl-Anthony, I can’t wait to see what he can do in the future.

Zach LaVine – $4,200

I wrote about Zach LaVine’s shooting troubles in one of the ‘Gone Missing’ pieces just three weeks ago. Over a stretch of seven games, he managed only 7.6 fantasy points per game, and his shooting was mostly to blame. At the time, LaVine proclaimed that he is “just going to shoot until it starts going in.”

Well, that’s worked Zach, because he’s shooting at 70.5% and has managed to score 25 points per game over his last three games since Kevin Martin has been inactive. The Wolves are clearly trying to give Zach LaVine some extra run at both point guard and shooting guard, so as long as he keeps playing 28+ minutes a game, he should be considered for your Moneyball lineups once again. Check out the video below!