Normally I would bring you my aces on Friday, but because Wednesdays slate looks so much more appealing, I have opted for a change of scenery. Tomorrow’s seven-game slate looks set to produce a handful of fantasy-friendly matchups, and there are plenty of interesting options.

With the Nets, Lakers, Knicks, Nuggets, Wizards and Timberwolves all playing today, Wednesday’s slate promises to be a high-scoring one.

Point Guard

Bargain Bin

Shelvin Mack – $3,500

If you’ve been playing Daily Fantasy Basketball, you should be well aware who Shelvin Mack is. Since moving from the Hawks to the Jazz at the trade deadline, Mack is averaging 19.7 fantasy points, and he sees a consistent 22 minutes per game as the Jazz’s starting point guard.

Mack has had a few off games, falling as low as 7.4 fantasy points, but he’s also had highs of 29.6 and 32 points respectively. He’s also still priced at a minimum salary, so continue to play him at a basement price for as long as you can.

Mid-range Jumper

D’Angelo Russell – $6,100

D’Angelo Russell is a legit stud. The young Laker point guard has been in superb form for weeks, and his addition to the starting lineup has produced some fantastic basketball. In the past two weeks, Russell has had a four-game stretch where he scored at least 22 points in every contest, and he even managed a high of 39 points on 8 three-pointers – becoming the youngest player ever to make eight three-pointers in a single game.

Russell is finally starting to live up to the potential of the number two pick, and you should continue to play him until his price is reflective of his recent form.

Shooting Guard

Bargain Bin

Markel Brown – $3,500

Markel Brown (who?) has been fairly irrelevant in the first two seasons of his NBA career with the Brooklyn Nets, but his last two games have made people take notice. Brown has scored 40.1 and 27.7 points in his last two games, and he’s still priced at the minimum salary.

At $3,500, he’s worth the selection. You only need 17.5 points to return five times value, and in his current form, he seems capable of so much more.

Evan Fournier – $4,700

I was hesitant to suggest Fournier yesterday because of his recent injury concerns, but I immediately regretted it when he returned to form with 29.7 fantasy points against the Warriors. However, in another favorable matchup against the Lakers, I have no hesitancy suggesting Fournier today.

Fournier only needs to return 23.5 points to hit five times value, so he looks like an exceptionally safe bargain option.

Mid-Range Jumper

Will Barton – $5,700

With Danilo Gallinari out, Jakarr Sampson may get the start, but Will Barton gets the minutes.

Over the last five, Will the Thrill is averaging 33 minutes and 24.6 fantasy points. The recent form isn’t sensational, but Barton has a good matchup against the Knicks, and he is coming off a 29.6 point effort.

Small Forward

Mid-Range Jumper

Kawhi Leonard $8,500

The Small Forward position is quite thin today, which means spending your cash on players you can count on. In the NBA, there aren’t many players you can count on more than Kawhi Leonard.

In the last ten games, Leonard is averaging 43.6 points, and he’s been even better over the last five, averaging 44.4 fantasy points. There’s blowout potential with the Spurs coming up against the Timberwolves, but in his current form, there’s no doubt Leonard will still get his numbers — even if he does play limited minutes.

Elite Option

Carmelo Anthony $9,100

Carmelo Anthony has played some of his best basketball in his last three games. He’s scored 47, 45.4 and 44 fantasy points in the last three games, and on a day without many acceptable small forward options, it seems almost necessary to spend up on Anthony.

Melo has returned at least 4.4 times value in his last three games, so in a good matchup against the Nuggets, there aren’t many reasons not to play him.

Power Forward

Bargain Bin

David West – $4,000

Tim Duncan will miss the game against the Timberwolves, which means David West moves into the starting lineup at power forward.

When West has started, he has averaged 9 points, 5 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1 steal and 1 block in 23 minutes. Those numbers equate to roughly 22 fantasy points, so at $4,000 West must be considered.

Mid-Range Jumpers

Aaron Gordon $6,000

Aaron Gordon has become an exceptional fantasy play this season.

Since his emergence at the all-star break (and even before), Gordon has been extremely consistent on the fantasy scoreboard. Gordon is averaging 30.2 over the last ten and 28 over the last five. However, Gordon’s numbers over the last five are hurt by a 4.4 point effort against the Suns, but don’t let that persuade you — he followed it up with a 40.2 effort in his last game and looks set to do something similar today.

Derrick Favors $7,300

Derrick Favors suffered two poor games this week against the Grizzlies and Raptors, but he bounced back to form against the Pelicans with 56.7 fantasy points. In a good matchup against the Hawks today, Favors should well and truly return to his consistent best, and he should live up to his 35.1 fantasy point average over the last ten.


Mid-Range Jumper

Rudy Gobert $6,900

Rudy Gobert has been rebounding exceptionally well lately, and he has been averaging 34.7 fantasy points over the last five as a result.

Gobert has grabbed 18 rebounds in three out of his last five games, so against the league’s second-worst rebounding team the Gobzilla looks like a great play.