We’ve all seen these sports movies that Hollywood pumps out; the ones where the team has a miracle comeback or learns to be better friends etc. but have you ever wondered whether or not these actors could cut it in real sport?

Well this list will tell you who I think are the actors who could cut the mustard in the NRL.

10. Ben Affleck

The new Batman looks bigger and stronger than he used to be. Ben Affleck looks like a centre to me. A tall, strong centre that pulls of some heroic feats, maybe like a Justin Hodges type of player.

9. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel just looks like an NRL front rower doesn’t he? He looks like he’s taken some hits and given some out too. He reminds me of former Bulldogs front rower Mark “ogre” O’Meley.

8. Mark Wahlberg

The former rapper turned actor wouldn’t look out of place running around in the NRL. His tackling would make the opposition feel the vibrations. Think Michael Ennis or Isaac Luke.

7. Matt Damon

Damon makes this list because he has played a rugby player in the movie Invictus, yes it was union and yes he wasn’t totally believable as a big South African rugby player but it still counts. Damon would more likely play as a playmaker, similar to a Robbie Farah sort of role.

6. Chris Hemsworth

Thor is big and strong and would be an ideal back-rower in the NRL. Hemsworth wouldn’t be able to use his hammer on the field but I don’t think that would worry him much. I’m imaging Thor as a Sam Burgess type of player.

5. Will Smith

Will proved the sort of Athlete he is when he portrayed boxing legend Muhammad Ali. If Will could use the footwork he showed us as Ali on the footy field he could be “the Greatest”. Think a bigger Roger Tuivasa-Scheck.

4. Jason Statham

The action star is certainly fit enough and crazy enough to play in the NRL. Statham was actually a member of Britain’s national diving squad for twelve years and competed at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Think of Statham charging into tacklers with reckless abandon the way Karmichael Hunt used to.

3. Hugh Jackman

Jackman makes this list on pure athletic potential; Wolverine is shredded! Aussie Hugh is certainly built like an NRL player; I’m thinking he would have been a tall and powerful centre, like a Mark Gasnier or Josh Dugan type.

2. Slyvester Stallone

How could we go pass Sly? Based on Rocky alone, Stallone could have played NRL. Sly would have been a tough as nails prop/ back-rower who would just never stop because as Rocky says “ It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Think former NRL player Nigel Plum (Voted NRL’s hardest hitter).


And our number 1 actor who would have been a great NRL player is…

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson

The biggest man in Hollywood would have been a great prop; I’m imaging a similar type of player to the Burgess twins. The Rock played defensive tackle for the University of Miami and was actually drafted into the professional Canadian Football League before becoming a pro wrestler and movie star. He’d be great at all the wrestling moves that are changing NRL tackling, as long as he doesn’t hit someone with the chair!

There you have it Moneyballers, the top 10 actors who could play NRL. Unfortunately you can’t pick any of these guys for your team but stay tuned for this Friday’s best buys for the Rabbitohs and Roosters game.