Two of the most free-flowing running sides in the 2016 AFL Season will face off on Sunday, before heading down to another possible blow out.  If there is anything that can expect for a lazy Sunday afternoon is goals, goals and more goals.  Doesn’t matter where you are spending your afternoon, just sit back and enjoy the footy.



Mark Blicavs $8,200

With the addition of Zach Smith into the Geelong side for the 2016 season in the ruck, it has freed up Blicavs to get on his back and run through the midfield, pinch-hitting in the ruck when he is required.  He is seeing a lot of the ball and adding to the scoreboard in each game so far as well.  Licking the wounds from last week, Blicavs will be one of the players to lead the way to bounce back.


Jake Stringer $5,900

The package has continued last years form at the beginning of this season.  He is playing fluently while adding scoreboard pressure in every game so far.  IF the Bulldogs are to continue their undefeated start to the season than Stringer will need to get off the leash and be influential against the Hawks.

Tom Hawkins $5,500

In recent weeks key forwards have kicked big scores against the Lions, Kennedy and Waite to just name a few.  If the big body of Hawkins can get a roll on early he will look to run off the leash and kick away to a 5+ game.


Patrick Dangerfield $8,600

After a quite week against the Giants in round two, Dangerfield will want to bounce back in his first contest at the Cattery.  It was an all round poor performance from the Cats and if they show up against the Lions then each one will lift and look to rack up disposals.  Expecting a big game from Patrick Dangerfield.

Sam Mitchell $8,100

Mitchell has brought his own football too both rounds of football so far this season.  The ageing midfielder has played very smart, hanging off the ball on occasion and using his great disposal efficiency to launch his club into attack.  I believe the Bulldogs will struggle to match up on Mitchell in what will be a mouth-watering contest.


Jason Johannisen $6,300

Johannisen is in the form of his career after two games, and the running style of the Western Bulldogs will aid him to continue on his way to another big score.  Both teams will seriously look at placing defence in the back pocket and allowing all on field players to run non stop.

Josh Gibson $7,300

Not much i need to see about this Hawk.  He is blowing the top off of the 2016 season and in a game that will be full of run he will need much of the same.  Keep a close eye on whether the Dogs will look to play a forward in a defensive role, although i don’t know if even that will be able to halt Gibson in the form he is.