Two great contests this weekend as the Swans and Dogs will scrap it out at the SCG, while  a fierce rivalry continues between the Pies and Blues.  Whether pushing for top 4 or pride in the bottom 8. Both games have plenty of promise and have proven great encounters in recent years.  Some big name players could fire today and if we get our way as fans we will be in for an absolute ripper of a day.


Brodie Grundy $7,800

Grundy has been good as the number one ruckman for the Pies in 2016 and is really growing into his role for the side.  Averaging 22.4 hit-outs and 4 tackles per game for a big man is very serviceable.  If he is able to run with the Blues ruck options throughout the game, then he will find plenty of the ball.  Pies will need first use of the footy around the ground to beat the Blues, so it will all start here with Grundy.


Ben Reid $6,400

After coming back from injury, Reid hasn’t put a foot our of place.  Playing in the defence he is averaging 8.7 marks, which leads him into rebound possession.  He feeds off intercept marking from his opposition and the more confidence he gains the greater the game he will play.  Likely to be an open game against the Blues, someone like Reid can cash in.

James Rose $4,100

Rose has only played the 3 senior games for the Swans and has taken his opportunity and not let go.  His lowest score from the 3 games so far is 86fp, averaging 15 disposals and a massive 7 tackles.  If Franklin is switched on and crashing packs then Rose will look to crumb everything he can and engage plenty of forward pressure to keep the Dogs on the back foot.


Lachie Hunter $9,400

The price tag for Hunter is high but the reward this fine player can produce is well worth the risk in a big game.  Averaging 30.7 disposals and 6.6 marks will be important against a strong Swans midfield.  With the inclusions of some of the Dogs handy defenders, the weight will lift off of Hunter and allow him to focus that much more on his midfield time.  If no one in the Swans line-up look to shut him down early, watch Hunter run riot on the SCG turf.

Luke Parker $8,500

Parker is due for another big game for the Swans in a big game against the Dogs.  For Sydney to be able to beat the strong willed Dogs, Parker will need to keep tackling pressure at a high and push forward to rest when able.  Averaging 6.6 tackles and 26.3 disposals is a handy option with a reasonable price tag.  Look no further than Parker for someone to lift in the big game.

Matthew Wright $6,900

The former Crow has eased into his new club in fine fashion.  Averaging 20.7 disposals, 4.1 tackles and going a goal a game.  Wright has only allowed one of his 13 games in 2016 to drop below the 70+FP mark.  In a game against a fierce Blues rival, Wright will look to hit the scoreboard as much as possible and not allow his team to go down easy.  Free flowing football is likely to be on the cards, so tackling pressure will be important.


Brayden Maynard $5,900

After his biggest score for the year last week, Maynard showed everyone what his true potential is.  The young defender has a prominent running game just waiting to break out.  If the Pies are running well and Maynard gains his average of 15.9 disposals and 3.5 tackles then he could be in for another 80+ game.  The small price range of Brayden is a definite point to convince any coach.

Kade Simpson $8,700

There was only one occasion in the opening 13 games that Simpson has had a score below 99Fp.  With a $8,700 price tag it isn’t always easy to trust a defender for a solid score.  The veteran defender on the other hand has proven his worth with the scores he has put up this season.  Off the back line he averages 26 disposals and 7.7 marks per game and will require every bit of these for another of his quality scores.