As we edge closer and closer to the finals each game becomes important. The top 8 is pretty much set but finishing positions will have a big say come September. Swans look to cement a spot in the top 4 while the power hope for a slim chance of finals action. Hawks continue on there merry way while the Dees want to improve. The two expansion teams have had completely different paths this season and the Gaints want to push for top 2. The dogs and Roos have a chance to push higher up the ladder with wins and ultimately avoid an away final. Lastly the Crows can up there percentage with a big win over the Lions.

ATM –  Who you can rely on

Hammer – Consistant

Biscuit – Cheapie


Hammer – Tom Lynch (Adel) $7,800

Averaging 92 Lynch has been a solid contributor this season. Playing as the 3rd tall Lynch gets the roaming role up the ground. Avg 20 touches, 6 marks and has kicked 28 goals this year. A poor defence such as the Lions could be handy for him pushing up the ground getting cheap kicks. Last week having 18 touches 6 marks and 4 tackles scoring 93 fp.

Hammer- Devon Smith (GWS) $7,300

form of 104 of late, Smith has settled in nicely back in the Giants line up. Avg 18 touches, 5 tackles, He’s been left alone in the forward line with the likes of Greene and Johnson. Last 3 weeks have been sensational, scoring 105, 94, 113. Definitely a different choice to have this weekend.


Biscuit – Sam Naismith (Syd) $4,500

Avg 76 Form 85 a revelation for the Swans in the ruck with sinclair and tippett out. 10 touches 4 tackle sand 28 hitouts, scoring 93 and 90 in his last two matches. This week up against the Power and Trengove he should have no problem winning the taps. Cheap option with proven scores.


ATM – Josh Kennedy (Syd) $9,500

Form of 130 kennedy has been in great form lately, avg 31 touches and 6 tackles in the last 3 games. Coming off 3 goals 45 touches, 8 marks and 158 fp last week. Kennedy is my banker. loves the contestant ball and with potential rain saturday will suit is big body frame. The tags go to Hannebery and Parker before him which helps his stocks.

Hammer – Marcus Bontempelli (WB) $9,000

For of 106, avg 25 touches, 3 marks 4 tackles and kicked 19 goals this season.  The Bont as they call him has lifted in the midfield and forward with key injuries throughout the year. Consistent every week and chimes in with a goal or two, a must win game for the Dogs sop expect him to lift his team over the line.

Hammer- Jarryd Lyons (Adel) $7,100

Avg 88 Form 99 this kid has gone under the radar with most clubs. avg 20 touches, 3 marks and almost 5 tackles a game, no direct match up and the Lions will probably only tags or go to Sloane. Lyons will have the ability to up his work load with Thompson rested. Proven goal kicker with 13 this year. for his price he can deliver good scores.


Hamer –  Jackson Trengove (PA) $6,400

Form of 99 and well deserved. Since going in the ruck Trengove has been crucial and damaging for the power. Avg 16 touches, 4 marks and 11 H/O a game, Lifts for the big occasions against ruckman. He may not get the taps but his work around the ball has been second to none. last week getting 25 touches, 4 marks and 4 tackles with 2 goals scoring 116 fp.

Biscuit  – Xavier Richards (Syd) $3,500

The brother of Ted, Richards has slotted in nicely behind buddy up forward. Avg 77 ,12 touches, 5 marks and 4 tackles and 2 goals. Richards has scored 74, 81 in his first two games, against the Power with limited tall defenders, He has the potential to bag a few with Buddy being there priority in defence. he’s $3,500 and you need that cheap pick to get a bigger star somewhere else so why not.