The SCG will hold an exciting spectacle between the Swans and the Crows, Saturday night.  Only one team will move forward in the 2016 final’s series, while the other will be left to reflect on their year and where it is too next.  Who will shut down who? How many goals will be scored? Who will win?  Only time will tell now.


Sam Jacobs $7,600

Jacobs will need to negate the ruck options for the Swans if the Crows stand a chance of an upset.  In 2016 Jacobs averaged 14.5 disposals and 31.9 hit outs.  If he is able to dominate around the ground and give his side first use again then he will be in for a big score.  He likes to use the ball by foot and always does his best to impact the scoreboard.


Lance Franklin $8,300

Buddy may not have kicked a goal in the loss to the Giants last week, but he still managed 90+Fp for his efforts.  Not many defenders have been able to stop the great forward, but Talia isn’t just any defender.  Averaging 17.7 disposals, 5.9 marks and 74 goals to his name, he knows what it will take to get the job done this finals series.  He will be unstoppable if he gets going.

Taylor Walker $7,100

The Adelaide captain is coming off a big game against an abysmal Kangaroo’s side.  If Tex can get off the leash against the Swans defence, he is a marking machine.  When Walker gets his marking game going he is hard to slow down.  Anything from 80+Fp for him against the Swans will be right where you want his scoring.  This could turn into a game for the key forwards to dominate.


Luke Parker $9,500

Recently voted the most courageous player in the AFL.  Parker has always played with vigour and fight.  Averaging 27.8 disposals and 6.2 tackles in 2016 has aided in some big scores, but his versatility to push forward and kick goals gets him from good to great.  The Crows will need to do their best to follow Parker grin midfield to forward, to negate his impact on the contest.

Matt Crouch $8,500

The bright midfielder is nothing short of a tough in and under player.  Their aren’t many contest’s you won’t find him at the bottom of.  He managed to average 27.3 disposals and 4.5 tackles in an impressive year for the Crows.  It’s going to be a game one or loss in the midfield, expect them to fight over the top of each other for possession.

Kieren Jack $7,800

The Swans captain is finishing off the year in some solid form.  With 22.5 disposals, 5.6 tackles and 3.1 tackles this year.  He knows what is required for his side to get over the line against the Crows, and the question remains whether he can dig deep enough.  A hard contested game suits his game style, therefore he will be in his element tonight for willing coaches.


Dane Rampe $6,200

There is no bigger task for a defender than stopping their direct opponent.  Rampe has managed not only to do this but to rebound with precise disposals as well.  Averaging 17.9 disposals and 4.9 marks this year, all while collecting scalps of some of the biggest names in the competition.  Trust in Rampe to push-off where he gets his chance and hit back where it hurts.

Brodie Smith $6,900

Before he went down with concussion at the end of the season, Smith was in fine form for the Crows.  Averaging 20.8 disposals and 4.4 marks rebounding off defensive 50.  With the run the Crows will be looking to generate, it will all come down to Smith and Laird to get it going.  He feeds off the contested ball and will look to make himself at home at the SCG.