Can’t kick off a Monday morning any better than with Moneyball’s $8K NBA Monday Swish Special.  Some classy team’s in action today with some special players looking to drop the hammer.  Bring on a big day of NBA daily fantasy basketball as it takes us on a rollercoaster ride.

Point Guard

Damian Lillard $8,500

Lillard has had a hot start to the season with only the one score below the 30 Fp mark.  Putting up plenty of points in recent weeks, adding assist’s on the way to some big fantasy totals.  If the Rocket’s are anything to go by in 2016 this game will be a high scoring, all out offence style of game.  Playing right into the hands of the likes of Lillard.

Tim Frazier $5,700

The young PG has been fighting hard to put up good numbers for the Pelicans.  Against the lacklustre Mavericks Frazier has the potential to make his stamp on the contest.  If he can impact the scoreboard with points and assist’s then he will be racking up the fantasy points for a low price.

Shooting Guard

James Harden $11,400

The beard will be need to be firing ahead of a testing clash with the Portland Trailblazers today.  He may be priced high for the contest, but if anyone has stood up top an occasion when require this season it has been James Harden.  If he can produce half the performance he has been this year then he is in for a big scoring performance for any willing participant.

Jordan Clarkson $5,400

Coming off the bench for the Lakers recently until the injuries started to hit home.  He will do everything in his power to hit the fantasy point scoreboard whether offered another start against the Hawks or off the bench.  Clarkson knows what it takes to be a good NBA player and will fight his way forward for the club.

Small Forward

Rudy Gay $6,600

Against Brooklyn Gay could find his way to light up the court come Monday.  If the Kings are to continue winning games and working their way into playoff contention then it’s important the likes of Gay dominate the game. Coming off a day break and a loss to the Rocket’s he will be revved up and ready to take the game head on.

Sean Kilpatrick $4,300

With the potential to be starting again due to injuries for the Brooklyn Nets, Kilpatrick  will be looking to take the game right up to the Kings.  Kirkpatrick is short priced for the Nets and will be a handy accusation at the small forward spot.  If the salary cap is being pressed then this is the perfect spot to slip in a respectable player.

Power Forward

Anthony Davis $10,800

No one else in the NBA this season has been able to work his way into a game like Davis has.  He may be priced high but against Dallas he will be looking to take his game to a whole other level.  Hitting the game with plenty of points and rebounds,  the scoring potential of Anthony Davis is out of the world.  A must have in any team.


DeMarcus Cousins $10,100

Cousins is averaging 45.8 fantasy points, coming off a massive game against the Rockets scoring 32 pts, 9 rebounds and 5 blocks with fantasy score of 50.3. Boogie has scored over 50 fp in 6 of his last 7 games and against an easier match up in the Nets we shouldn’t see a decline. Worth the big price tag.