Australia’s best daily fantasy platform just got even better! We’ve launched some exciting new features this week to enhance your fantasy experience on Moneyball. After introducing the live chat functionality within all your favourite contests you now also have the ability to enter multiple entries just through the simple click of a button. There is also huge improvements to ‘live view’ with percentage owned, Points per $1,000 (PP$1K), display of player salaries and more. Last but not least there is an ‘Import’ function available where you can import a line-up into a different contest without having to select a whole team again. Check out the step by step instructions below and head over to your Moneyball account to have a look!

Multiple Entries

The multiple entires tool helps you to facilitate the process of getting multiple entries into the contest of your choice. It’s never been easier to enter multiple times with identical lineups at once. But stay tuned because this is just a taste of what’s to come.

To use the new Multiple Entries tool, you first need to enter a contest that allows multiple entries from the Moneyball lobby:


Once you have entered a contest you need to select your team. Once this is completed you then have the option to enter multiple times by clicking on the ‘Enter Multiple’ button.


Once you click the ‘Enter Multiple’ button you get to see the following and are able to pick the amount of teams you would like to enter into the specific contest. To confirm you simply click enter and you will receive a message showing you have successfully entered the specific contest multiple times (for example 5x) with the same line-up.


Updating Multiple Teams

Do you have multiple entries with identical teams? Now it is easy to update them all at the same time! This makes last minute changes much easier.

It’s simple. When editing a team for an upcoming contest the “Manage Identical Teams” button becomes available when you have multiple entries with the exact same team.


When you click the “Manage Identical Teams” button, a pop up will be displayed showing exactly how many identical entries you have within the same contest and within all contests for that day.


You can easily choose which teams you would like to update.

This is a small taste of a much larger team management section currently under construction.

Import Team

This feature allows you to import a team into different contests without having to select the whole team once again. This tool becomes available as soon as you have entered a team into a contest, after that you are able to import the same team into any other Moneyball contest where those players are available.


Once you have clicked on ‘Import’ you will be able to choose which of your previously entered line-ups you want to use.


NEW Live View

Once you have entered a contest and it begins you can click on the specific contest under the ‘Live’ tab. This will open the live view displaying 4 new tabs ‘Leaderboard’, ‘My Teams’, ‘Players’ and ‘Friends’ which you can access.

The Leaderboard

This shows members current positions, current score, quarters remaining and winnings allocated as the contest is live.

My Teams

This shows all teams you have into the specific contest and their respective position, score, quarters remaining and winnings.




This shows all the players that have been picked in that specific contest by members and their respective position, percentage owned, salary for the contest, points value per $1000 and the players total points scored.



Friends Tab

This shows you your friend’s teams in the specific contest (This will only be clickable if you have friends in the contest) Don’t have any friends yet? You can add your mates via email or username through the ‘Friend’ tab in the Moneyball lobby.

Don’t forget even after a contest has finished you can look at your result under the ‘History’ tab. All you have to do is click on the contest name you have entered, then scroll down and click on ‘View final contest scores’ to bring up the live view display.