We’ve been treated to some excellent basketball over the Christmas period and this continues today with four competitive games spread through the day.

Sit back, enjoy the basketball and have a shot at the $10,000 that’s up for grabs in the Wednesday Swish Special! 

Need a head start? I’ve included my favorite plays for today below!

NBA $10k Wednesday Swish Special

Point Guard

Tyler Johnson – $5,600

This one is entirely dependent on whether Goran Dragic (questionable) suits up for the game against the Thunder today or not. If Dragic sits out and opts to rest his sore back, Tyler Johnson will be the primary beneficiary for the Heat. Johnson has been playing some excellent basketball this season, and it will be great to include him in what could be a positive scenario.

Shelvin Mack – $3,700

Shelvin Mack is the Utah Jazz’s go-to man right now. Both George Hill and Dante Exum are missing from the Jazz lineup, meaning that Mack has significant upside from his $3,700 salary. A fantasy score of 25+ isn’t out of reach for the 26-year-old guard, considering the uptick in playing time.

Shooting Guard

James Harden – $11,100

James Harden is still killing it; nothing has changed. He’s averaging 27 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds through his last five games. The value in this selection is more so that the rest of the shooting guard selections are poor quality today. Spend up for your elite player at shooting guard and look at getting in one of the most consistent fantasy scorers this season.

Josh Richardson – $3,500

Josh Richardson is one of the few guards that are currently still in action at the Heat. As mentioned earlier, Goran Dragic is a chance to miss, along with Dion Waiters and Wayne Ellington. Richardson has been dealing with a sore wrist that has affected his shooting of recent, however, it takes just one good game for all to be forgotten and if he starts to land his shots today he’ll be one of the better picks of the day.

Small Forward

Gordon Hayward – $6,900

Just like the shooting guard position, small forward is just as dry today. Hayward immediately stands out as one of those players that demand consideration in the daily format. He recently had a down game against the Warriors, but most small forwards do. Afterwards, he showed that he can bounce back with a return to 40+ scoring against the Sacramento Kings. Hayward and the Jazz play the Lakers today in what is a positive matchup for most Jazz players.

Justise Winslow – $3,900

Justise Winslow has been playing some great basketball for the Heat since returning to action two weeks ago. Through six games, he has managed five games of 20+ with one of these being a monster 48.1 fantasy point performance. He’s benefiting from all of the Heat injuries and is likely to score well again today against the Thunder.

Power Forward

Julius Randle – $5,400

While most of my selections are based on favorable matchups, based on the oppositions historical data for the season – this one isn’t. Randle has been in such good form that I’d be willing to run with him today regardless of the tough matchup against the Utah Jazz. The Lakers will be relying on Randle’s production to stay competitive since Larry Nance will likely be sitting out for the next month.

Zach Randolph – $4,700

Zach Randolph currently acts as more of a ‘filler’ to fantasy teams now rather than the consistent 30+ fantasy scorer that once was. Now, Randolph plays a role from the bench and sees just 20 minutes of game-time per night. He’s often very productive in these 20 or so minutes nad has averaged 24.2 fantasy points over his last five games. The matchup against the Celtics today is a positive one and should help boost Randolph’s scoring slightly.


Rudy Gobert – $7,500

Rudy Gobert makes for one of my favourite plays of the day today. He’s currently averaging 38.9 fantasy points over his last ten games, and that kind of production doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. It definitely won’t today, either, considering he’s in one of the best matchups for centers – playing against the Lakers.

Enes Kanter  -$4,800

If you don’t have enough cash for Rudy Gobert today at center, it has to be Enes Kanter. The Thunder have started to look for Kanter in the post recently and this is paying huge dividends for the Oklahoma City big man. Kanter has scored 34.3, 29.2 and 29.8 in his last three games with this added usage.

Thanks for reading and good luck!