With a solid six-game NBA slate in play for today, why not enjoy the end of the working week and take your shot in $17,000 worth of prizes? Here are some tips to help you build a winning lineup.

Point Guard

John Wall ($9,000)

John Wall has been in the form of his life, most recently putting up a 52-point performance in a loss the Magic. Leading up to that, Wall was consistently dropping 45 Moneyball points per game. In a favourable match-up against the Nuggets, who give up the fourth most fantasy points to opposition point guards, that stretch appears likely to continue

A Pelicans Point Guard

Jrue Holiday ($4,800) or Tim Frazier ($4,800)

Jrue Holiday is questionable for the match-up against Philly, so this selection is dependent on who gets the start. Both guys are reasonably priced, and against a Sixers squad with Sergio Rodriguez starting at point guard, the opposition starting PG is bound to do some damage.

Keep an eye on lineups and try and lock one of these guys into your lineup – preferably Jrue if he’s starting.

Dante Exum ($3,500)

George Hill, Gordon Hayward, Rodney Hood and Derrick Favors will all miss the game against the Warriors on Friday, so someone on the team will need to take on the statistical burden. Why not Dante Exum?

It seems as if the Jazz have thrown in the towel early, so they may be looking to give their young guys a run. Exum is a bit of a risk, but the opportunity appears to be there.

Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal ($6,300)

Bradley Beal gets the nod for similar reasons to Wall; a combination of both good form and a good match-up. While he hasn’t quite been in the same blistering form as his back-court partner, the fact that Denver gives up more points to shooting guards than any other team helps alleviate any concerns.

Will Barton ($5,200)

While the Nuggets are number one for opposition shooting guards, the Wizards are also top ten, which makes this a good match-up for Will the thrill. Barton has been fairly consistent lately and he has the potential to score in the 30’s and 40’s, which makes him a great tournament play on any day at this price.

Small Forward

Jimmy Butler ($9,100)

Consider this a bit of a narrative play, because there’s plenty of cash to splash. Coming up against the Spurs doesn’t present as a good match-up for Jimmy, but if the Bulls are to stand a chance they’ll need a big performance from him on both ends. Butler seems like the type of guy that will take playing against Kawhi as a challenge, and as such, I believe he will elevate his play.

Jimmy Butler has been a a fringe MVP candidate this season and I expect him to play like it. He’s firmly in the same tier as a two-way player that Kawhi is – watch him prove that today.

Joe Johnson ($3,500)

Like I said, George Hill, Gordon Hayward, Rodney Hood and Derrick Favors will all miss the game against the Warriors on Friday, so someone on the team will need to take on the statistical burden. Why not seven time all-star Joe Johnson?

That’s right, seven time all-star Joe Johnson!

Power Forward

Trey Lyles ($3,800)

Like I said, the Jazz appear to have thrown in the towel against the Warriors, so it seems likely that the young guys could see some extended playing time.

Like Exum, Lyles is a risky play, but the opportunity is seemingly there. If you feel uncomfortable playing him, Boris Diaw could fill as a replacement. Admittedly with less upside.

Anthony Davis ($11,000)

With all of the bargain selections I’ve made so far, it’s easy to throw Anthony Davis in the mix as a way to spend your ca$h. Davis is averaging almost 60 fantasy points per game over the last five games and Philly are definitely not a team capable of slowing him down.

Just as an aside, it will be interesting to see if Davis lines up on Embiid at any stage (I’m sure he will). Embiid is a beast, but Davis is a whole other animal athletically. This could be a great game to watch.


Joel Embiid ($5,500)

Speaking of Embiid, does anyone not play him when he’s available? Obviously there are a few people who don’t, but I have no idea why. The guy is consistently undervalued because of his scheduled rest games, but every time he hits the floor he seems to hit over 30.With his minutes restriction lifted to 28 minutes per game, Embiid should continue to be a bargain in the $5K range.