If you’re here because you’re no longer in contention for your regular season fantasy championship, you’ve come to the right place because Moneyball has you covered. Moneyball is here to soak up your tears with cash so turn that frown upside-down.

On the other hand, if you’re still in contention for regular season fantasy football glory as well as wanting to win some cash, there’s a huge influx of sulking, below average players about to join. Get in now!

Here are Wye’s Weapons for Week 14 on behalf of Australia’s #1 NFL Podcast: The Woot and Wye Show.


Jameis Winston ($8,400) – Winston and the Bucs are on fire right now and they’ve chosen a bloody ripper of a time to do so.

Priced very well in comparison to the other quarterbacks available, Jameis also has the added bonus that he’s going up against a Saints defence that has allowed 8 quarterbacks to score more than 20 points on them….and one of them was Jared Goff LOL.

Divisional game, rivalry and potential playoff chances on the line, this game means too much for the Bucs to slow down.


Jeremy Hill ($6,600) – This spot is usually reserved for {INSERT RB VS 49ERS HERE} but it’s hard to ignore the form of Hill heading into week 14 against a Browns’ side that doesn’t look like they even want to win a game.

Since Gio Bernard’s injury, Hill has continued to grow in the receiving game and develop into a more complete back with 73 yards on 8 catches in his last two games. You add that to an already sound ground game and you’ve got yourself one hell of a weapon that’s ready to feast on the lowly Browns.


Julian Edelman ($6,900) – Edelman + Brady = Completion

Julian Edelman may be getting on in age and may need some help filling in the  “Gronkowski Gap” but he will always be Tom’s safety blanket, their movement is almost robotic. 

The Ravens have struggled recently against the slot receiver so look for Edelman to maintain his solid fantasy scores while Baltimore get drawn in to a physical battle with Blount and Bennett. 

Malcolm Mitchell also warrants some attention this week but with seven catches in each of his last four games, Julian is obviously the stronger option.


Cameron Brate ($5,800) – I think Brate this week my just be the pick of the bunch. Coming in at a bargain price, scoring in four of his last six games and playing against the very generous Saints defence. All signs are pointing up for Brate this week.

That can be said for most of the pieces on this Bucs’ offense which has the potential to put up some serious points in what could be a blockbuster.


Detroit Lions ($4,700) – Not enough can be said about how incredible the Lion’s defensive turn around has been. After beginning the season looking anything less than imposing, they have turned into a stingy, opportunistic defence that does not want to be showed up by its offense. The Lions have now kept teams under 20 points in six consecutive games and welcome a interception happy Matt Barkley in week 14.


Roberto Aguayo ($4,000) – Stick with this week’s theme. Bucs, Bucs, Bucs. They’re ready for a big game and they’re all undervalued due to early season struggles. Roberto has also been growing in confidence lately scoring eight in three of his last four games.

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Best of luck this week Moneyballers!

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