Happy New Year from the Moneyball team and what better way to kick off the year with a win in fantasy. 6k up for grabs, with a few tips from myself on who i think has the edge at the moment, with a couple of roughy picks to change it up.


Kyle Lowry ($8,300) 

Lowry’s form is hitting 44 fantasy points right now, coming off 27pts, 11 assists and 6 rebounds with 2 steals and a score of 51.7 verse the Warriors. He’s a scoring machine and with the lack lustre defence of the Lakers could be a shoot out on the cards.

Reggie Jackson ($4,600)

Reggie is currently averaging a steady 24fp, nothing too crazy but a very serviceable player who is the starter and gets major minutes each game. putting up 20pts 8 assists and 4 rebounds (34.8fp) verse the Hawks. A good match up against the Heat could suit him.


C.J McCollum ($6,700)

Averaging 33 fp this season and has been a vital part of the Blazers scoring arsenal. McCollum has hit 86 3’s this season so far and is coming off 29pts (31.9fp) verse the Spurs.

Evan Fournier ($6,000)

Fournier is considered a game time decision but if he does play definitely consider him on your team. Recent form of 30.7 fp and his last game putting up 21pts 5 rebounds and 4 assists with score of 33fp verse the Knicks. Check the squads prior to tip-off.


Paul George ($6,800)

George is currently averaging 36 fp, he’s starting to find his form before being struck with injuries early this year. Coming off a 32pts, 4 rebounds and 2 steals verse the Bulls scoring 38.3 fp. He’s one of the inform players in the competition and is reasonably priced.

Andrew Wiggins ($6,600)

Wiggins is peaking right now for the Wolves, it seems like each one of their big 3 has hot patches and at the moment Wiggins’ form is 38.1 fp and has just come off 31pts, 6 assists and 5 rebounds scoring 47 verse the Bucks.


Paul Millsap ($7,300)

Millsap is quietly averaging just over 35 fp. putting up 26 pts, 6 rebounds and 5 assists in is previous game verse the Pistons scoring 41.7 fp. With Dwight Howard considered questionable with an ongoing back issues, this has helped Millsap’s performances of late.

Serge Ibaka ($6,500)

Ibaka is currently showing form of 37.6 fp. Putting up 19pts, 11 rebounds and 5 blocks verse the Lakers scoring 48.2fp. Another player that’s performing highly and is still priced fairly.


Karl Anthony-Towns ($9,200)

Towns notched up a triple double against the Nuggets, 15pts, 11 rebounds and 10 assists scoring 44.2. KAT is also averaging 41.7 and has a nice matchup verse the Blazers. Big price tag but I expect Anthony-Towns to have a massive game once again.