Footy is back in our lives again in a big way in 2017.  Nothing beats a good weekend of AFL and the first Saturday of the season isn’t going to disappoint.  There is an absolute plethora of players to pick from, so don’t be worried about spreading the salary cap across your team.  The be all and end all will be left out on the football field by games end.  Time to bring the game on and take it to the opposition…here are our AFL fantasy tips to get you started.


Stefan Martin $7,800

The big Lion is looking good coming off a solid pre-season.  With the Lions opting to go for a soul ruck option, it favours Martin heavily.  Against new Sun Witts he should be able to work him up the ground and impact the scoreboard more than once.  He is a ruckman that knows how to find the ball and won’t shy away from the contest once the game gets going.  A much better year from Stefan will see him become an elite scorer.


Tom J. Lynch $8,000

A great player even at such a young age.  He has been wearing most of the brunt when it comes to goal scoring for the Gold Coast and this season shouldn’t be any different.  He looks in good shape early on this season and will look to push up the ground to find the ball.  Prolific marking and his goal scoring are massive reasons why his scoring ability has plenty of upside.

Jarryd Roughead $5,600

Since recently returning to football, the whole fan base have been eagerly awaiting his first regular season game.  When he has been out on the field with the Hawks he has shown his footy brain is still well in tact.  The goal sneak won’t be backing down from the contest and he definitely will want to start the season off fresh.  At the short price of $5,600 Roughy is an absolute steal.


Jaeger O’Meara $6,000

New Hawks midfielder has proven his body is holding up early on in the proceedings.  If he can keep fit and have a good run at it he will show us all his true potential.  Scoring ability for a midfielder priced at $6,000 who can win as much of the ball as O’meara can is a bargain in it’s own right.  Coming up against a hungry Essendon side, there will be plenty of ball to be won and tackles to be made.

Jack Steele $6,700

Since moving to the Saints in the offseason Steele hasn’t put a foot wrong.  He has shown plenty of ability and tenacity to impact the contest.  Just what the Saints have been looking for and free’s up plenty of ball for team-mate Billings.  No easy ball to be won against the young Demons side, but game on when the ball is bounced.  Very positive scorer when he gets going.

Aaron Hall $9,000

Hall is someone to definitely get excited about.  Although priced at a higher $9,000 amount, his reward for any willing coach is great.  The way he is gliding across to the grass, leading from the front with his prolific kicking.  If he is able to keep fit and fire for the Suns he will become exactly what the club needs to move forward.  All indicators will point to Hall exceeding 100+Fp starting today.


Ricky Henderson $7,100

Hawthorn have picked up a handy player in Henderson at the end of the year.  The running defender not only frees up players like Burgoyne but also provides himself with a new lease on life.  Steady defenders with a medium price tag are hard to come by today, but Henderson looks ready to take the game on and rebound off the back line.  If he wasn’t ready to play he would have been left out of week one, bring on the scoring.

Sam Mayes $6,000

Young Brisbane Lions defender Mayes has progressed since coming into the AFL.  With all signs pointing towards the defender breaking out and showing his full potential.  He has proven in pre-season he can find the footy and his tackling pressure is up where it needs to be.  The Suns will send in plenty of the ball, so Mayes needs to be ready and deal with his disposal efficiently when applicable.