Friday hosts a five-game slate with some incredibly favourable fantasy match-ups. Most of the teams playing today play fast, and they don’t play a lot of defense, which bodes well for fantasy production. Today should be full of big scores, the only question is who will you play? NBA DFS Tips

Point Guard

Ish Smith ($4,900)

Reggie Jackson is out, which makes Ish Smith the play at PG today. In Jacksons’ absence, Smith was impressive and the teams play may or may not have been better. At his price he seems like the play of the day without Reggie.

Jeremy Lin ($5,200)

Jeremy Lin played 30 minutes for the first time since his return from injury on Wednesday, resulting in 34.7 fantasy points. In the game before that, Lin scored 37.8 in 28.5 minutes. If he continues to play in the late twenties or creeps into the thirties, then he should return great value on his $5,200.

Shooting Guard

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ($4,400)

With a great match-up against Brooklyn KCP will be look to take advantage of Reggie Jacksons absence. KCP will have the opportunity to work with the ball more, becoming a focal point of the offense. He’s coming off a 31 fantasy point game after a run of bad form, but at least that means he’s on the up, and his price tag is low.

Lou Williams ($5,000)

Sweet Lou is now the Houston Rockets second best player and he’s started to settle into his fit of late. Recently he was seeing low minutes, but in the last few games he has started to flash how effective he can be next to James Harden. That factor has opened up more minutes for him, with Lou playing 30+ minutes in his last two games. He should continue to see 30+, which means his fantasy numbers should return somewhere closer to where they were in L.A. If that’s the case, then Lou is drastically underpriced at $5K.

Small Forward

Andrew Wiggins ($7,300)

For as much as I’m not Andrew Wiggins’ biggest fan, he’s too good not to tear apart the Los Angeles Lakers defense today. The Lakers defense is awful, and they have no one that can stay with Wiggins athletically. He’s a great scorer and the Lakers just don’t have any good wing defenders. Wiggins should be in store for a monster game today.

Power Forward

Tobias Harris ($5,600)

Tobias Harris had something to prove in his last game, putting up 31.2 fantasy points in his last game after being moved to the bench. He appears to be coming off the bench again today, but he played 30 minutes in his last game and he scored 41.5 fantasy points against Brooklyn last time, which means he is a definite possibility to earn minutes. This play is a little risky due to the bench factor, but it may not matter that much and if other fantasy players fade Harris and he performs as well as last time then you’ll gain a massive advantage.

Blake Griffin ($7,800)

I recommended Griffin yesterday and I was rewarded with a 53.5 fantasy point performance. On the back of that it feels wrong not to suggest him again, considering the same upside is still there. Blake Griffin has superstar potential and he’s not priced like a superstar. Those are the guys you should target if you want to take home a tournament. Griffin has  a much easier match-up vs PHX today, so hopefully he goes hard early and puts some stats on the board before watching from the bench.


Karl-Anthony Towns ($10,500)

Karl-Anthony Towns is going to destroy the Lakers today. Since the all-star break Towns is averaging 28 points and 13 rebounds while shooting 60% from the field and 40% from three. Those are historic numbers and he’s only improving as the season goes on. The kid is a freak. In my opinion, he’s the best young prospect in the league. And he’s going to destroy the Lakers today.