NBA $8,000 Saturday Swish Special

A massive 11-game slate for your Saturday entertainment! With so many games being played it’s even easier for you to take home some of the prize money in the NBA $8,000 Saturday Swish. Here are our NBA DFS tips:

Point Guard

Tyler Ulis ($6,000)

There’s some concern over Ulis playing in a back-to-back, but with him averaging 33+ fantasy points in his last five games it feels safe to bet on his consistency.

Isaiah Thomas ($8,100)

It’s the clash of the sub 6 foot point guards. IT and Ulis should be exciting and both guys should enjoy the chance to pick on someone their own size. Add that to the fact that the Suns defense is a dumpster fire in general and IT has the potential to put up a big score. If it’s not too big a blow out, that is.

Jeff Teague ($7,000)

Denver have been one of the league’s best offenses since the all-star break, but they’d been equally bad on defense. Denver bleeds points, particularly against point guards who are able to penetrate into the lane and score against the basket against mediocre rim protection. This game may be tailor-made for Teague to provide a nice return.

Shooting Guard

Khris Middleton ($5,600)

Khris Middleton is one of my favourite players in the NBA. He’s so good, he’s so underrated and he’s contributed so well for the Bucks on his return from injury. His minutes have ramped up recently into the 30’s which means the breakout is coming any time now once he recaptures last years form.

Avery Bradley ($5,800)

Like I mentioned, that Phoenix matchup is great for guards. They play fast and they don’t play a lot of defense, meaning guys that can run, push the ball and score enjoy plenty of opportunities. Bradley is one of those guys.

Small Forward

Jimmy Butler ($9,100)

Jimmy Butler had 53 fantasy points last time against Philly and he will need every one of them again this time if the Bulls are going to grab that 8th seed in the playoffs. At the moment, they’re one game behind the Heat, so with a winnable game against the SIxers Butler will need to put everything on the line. These type of narratives can work in your favour when predicting super star success. How bad does he want it? We will see.

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($9,600)

Giannis had 57.6 against the Hawks in their last meeting, as well as 62.6 in his last game. Those signs point to a massive score. A poor run of form before that last game has dropped Giannis’ price, but if you think he’s back you can get a massive return on his decreased salary if he has another one of his best games.

Power Forward

Nikola Mirotic ($4,400)

Nikola Mirotic had 44 fantasy points in his last game. Even if you don’t believe he can repeat that, the Bulls are playing Philly and he’s only at $4.4K. Even if he doesn’t come close to repeating, he’s worth a punt at that price.

Markieff Morris ($5,900)

Markieff Morris has been consistent in putting up 25.5 fantasy points per game over his last five. With a match-up against Brooklyn, all Kieff needs is a slight uptick and he will return solid value. Seems like a safe mid-range play with a nice return.


Ivica Zubac ($4,500)

The Lakers rookie center has had 22.2, 29.1, 32.9 and 40.7 in 4 of his last five games. He’s only priced at $4,500. This seems like a no brainer, right?