10 action packed match-up’s set for tip-off as we get set for today’s NBA $8K Saturday Swish. Here are our NBA DFS tips to get you started!

Point Guard

D’Angelo Russell – $6,400

D’Angelo Russell kicks off the recommendations and best plays for the $8,000 Saturday Swish on Moneyball tomorrow considering his excellent matchup against the Boston Celtics. The Celtics continue to allow opposing point guards to score with ease and Russell is the type to take full advantage of this with two scores of 38 or more in his lasts four games.

George Hill – $5,800

There couldn’t be a better time to play George Hill in your Moneyball lineup as he is coming off a stinker game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. People usually shy away from playing someone in Hill’s position, with just 6.9 points in 20 minutes at home, but his form before that is definitely enticing with an average of 30 fantasy points in the four games previous to the down game.

Shooting Guard

Khris Middleton – $3,500

Khris Middleton is the first of two bargain shooting guard selections for Saturday. It’s great to see Middleton back in action playing basketball again, and he recently put up his second score of 35 or more since returning with a 10.1x value game against the Denver Nuggets. At $3,500, it makes perfect sense to have a crack with Middleton on Saturday.

Thabo Sefolosha – $3,500

Thabo Sefolosha continues to be one of the best minimum price plays around, playing a vital role to the team of the Hawks. While Sefolosha doesn’t break any kind of existing fantasy score barrier – he still manages to return value to owners, mostly dependant on how many defensive stats he can together.

Small Forward

Giannis Antetokounmpo – $10,400

Giannis has been especially hot-and-cold of late and how has managed two games of below 31 fantasy points consecutively. We all know Giannis’ scoring power though and his matchup against the Clippers today is one of those games in which he can turn monstrous.

Brandon Ingram – $4,000

Brandom Ingram has exceeded 5x value or more in each of his last three games with scores of 24, 23.4 and 19.5. Ingram had a successful January in which he managed multiple scores of 28 or more and will enjoy the slightly favourable matchup against the Boston Celtics.

Power Forward

Alan Williams – $4,200

I skipped over Alan Williams yesterday because I just wasn’t sure if he had what it takes in an output sense to be a fantasy consideration. Wow, was I wrong about this though as Williams put up 33.4 fantasy points from this bargain salary. All the signs point towards him having another similar game on Saturday against the Thunder.

Richaun Holmes – $3,900

Don’t expect Richaun Holmes to carry you to fantasy glory or anything of the like, but Holmes is definitely a key player in the success of a Moneyball team on Saturday – coming in at just $3,900. He’s averaging 24.1 fantasy points in his last five games, and this already is speaking volumes about his value as a low-end pricer who gets to play the Knicks on Saturday.


Al Horford – $6,300

It’s time to take a crack at Al Horford after we hit big-time with Nurkic and Kanter yesterday at the center position. Horford has been underwhelming, to say the least, but has a dream matchup against the Lakers in which big guys have been dominating from start to finish.