Plenty of quality games to get around today with the Saturday Slam.  If the season so far has shown us anything, it is that high scoring, fast pace and hard football is here to stay.  The Sydney derby is one of the feature games, Fremantle look to hold of the Kangaroos, Bulldogs continue their dominance over the Lions and the Suns to attempt to slow down the prolific Crows.  Only time can tell us what outcome will come of today.  All we know is there is plenty of scoring to be had, here are our AFL fantasy tips.  Game on.


Stefan Martin $9,100

Fantastic start to the year for Stefan Martin, he is a player who doesn’t look like being slowed down.  He is averaging 20.3 disposals, 4.8 marks and a massive 42.8 hit outs in the opening four weeks of the season.  Coming up against a Bulldogs side who struggle with the ruck options around the ground.  Martin will be looking to slam home a big advantage and give his Lions forwards and midfield first use of the footy at every opportunity.


Riley Knight $5,000

Cheap option across the forward line with a pretty solid average across the opening rounds.  Riley Knight has worked hard to retain his spot in a fluent Adelaide team of late.  He has averaged 17 disposals, 5 marks and goal which against the Suns could prove perfect to help him gain a big score.  A Game where it could threaten to be broken open early, look for players that are cheap like Knight to take ownership of the contest.  A little risk for reward with this selection.

Tom T. Lynch $8,600

A no brainer option is a strong forward line pick for the Adelaide Crows.  If not Tom Lynch then Taylor Walker 7,600 as another option with similar scoring output.  No Steven May for the Suns this week due to injury aids the tall forwards to run riot on the defence.  Averaging 21.1 disposals and 8.5 marks is an indicator of where his scoring comes from.  If he can work hard up the ground and get back quick he will be on the end of quite a few goals today.


Clay Smith $6,100

Coming back in last week for his first hit out of the season.  Clay Smith is a reasonably priced player at $6,100 with the ability to score well.  His forward half pressure is highlighted with a huge 15 tackles in his first game back and with the Lions scalper Robinson probably looking at the Bont, the likes of Smith will need to lift around him.  Disposals for Smith are down, so there will be some risk in this type of selection.

Joshua Kelly $9,000

Sydney derby will be a cracking game with plenty of talent out on the field.  Josh Kelly has put a stamp on the competition averaging 28.8 disposals and 5.3 tackles but hitting the scoreboard with 4 goals also.  He is a hard running player around the ground and against rival Sydney Swans expect the Giants to lift together to negate any chance of an opposition resurgence.  Priced at $9,000 there is some risk involved but the reward could be something to talk about.
Rory Sloane $$10,400

Midfield gun Rory Sloane has set the competition on alight in recent weeks.  Averaging 28.5 disposals, 3.5 marks and a massive 9.3 tackles his scoring potential is through the roof.  Biggest score for his year is 152Fp with an average of 144.7 across the first four games.  Against the Suns if someone doesn’t lock down on Sloane, expect his average to continue and a big score to be coming your way.


Matthew Suckling $7,500

Second year at the Bulldogs has started well for Matt Suckling.  Averaging 15.8 kicks, 6.5 marks and hitting the scoreboard.  Suckling can generate run and impact the game with his unique kicking style cutting through the air.  Against the Lions Suckling will look to penetrate the defence by foot and make an impact on the game in his own way.  Consistent scoring for Suckling is the key.

Robbie Tarrant $7,000

North Melbourne defender Robbie Tarrant has found form since the opening game of the season.  Averaging 20.1 disposals, 5.8 marks and 4.3 tackles for the year so far.  Against the Dockers, he is likely to play on Kersten or McCarthy both in which he should be able to monster in the contest.  Plenty of opportunities on the wide open space of Domain Stadium for Tarrant to work his magic and dominate the Fremantle forwards.