The final week of the regular season is here, who would of thought it would go so quick. Each and every year we find new players who step up into superstars but also the same old studs who continue to do their thing. Some may say this is when the season starts. Check out my NBA DFS tips for Tuesday’s Swish contest.


John Wall $10600

Wall has been one of the top 5 point guards this season, averaging 45 fp coming off 24pts and 8 assists scoring 39.2 verse the Knicks, with a chance of 3rd position in the East look for Wall to continue to shine on the eve of playoffs.

Jeremy Lin $5900

Lin since coming back from an injury plagued season has been serviceable,once the sensation across town, Lin has managed to average 26.7 fp but form of 37.2. Coming off 32 pts, 5 rebounds and 3 assists scoring 46.5. A nice cheap option today.


James Harden $12500

It’s a two horse race for the MVP and after Westbrook’s performance yesterday I think Harden will want to make his claim. Form of 61 and coming off 35 pts 15 assists and 11 rebounds against the Kings scoring 62. Why wouldn’t you pick him?

Khris Middleton $5700

Despite his massive jump in productivity, Middleton remains at a good price, continues to put up 20 + games with the potential of more, Averaging 25 fp and safe option for me.


Gordon Hayward $7400

Hayward has hit his straps at the right time, form of 40 fp and coming off 21pts, 5 rebounds and 4 assists scoring 31. Hayward is considered a GTD but with the importance of home court on the line he will be a major factor.

James Johnson $6700

Form of 39.2 Johnson has relished his opportunity at the Heat with injuries and roster moves. 15pts, 11 rebounds and 5 assists against the Wizard’s scoring 35.7. with the 8th seed in the air the Heat will need him at his best.


Kevin Love $7100

Love has found his form coming into the playoffs, with a lot of missed games throughout the year. Form of 35.2 and coming off 11 pts, 15 rebounds and 5 assists verse the Hawks scoring 34.5. Cavs need him shooting well come the the playoffs.

Nikola Mirotic $5600

Finally getting more minutes, mirotic has been serviceable, form of 28 but has been hitting the high 30s , Bulls need a win to make the playoffs.


Hassan Whiteside $8700

Whiteside has been impressed of late, average of 38 form of 41, loves the big games , 30pts and 12 rebounds verse the Wizard’s scoring 54.4. A lot to lose today so expect a big performance.