On the eve of the byes and return from their China trip, Port Adelaide are up against Geelong. Geelong seems to be back to their best but the Power are in some good form leading into this fantasy pig match up. Check my tips for tonight’s contest.

ATM – Fantasy pig

Hammer – Solid player

Biscuit – Risky pick



Hammer – Sam Gray $7800

The other Gray as some may say, is coming off a great game against the Suns. Scoring 21 touches, 7 marks, 4 tackles and scoring 101 fp. With Chad Wingard out, this could be an opportunity for Gray to cement his spot in the team.

Prediction: 87 fp

Biscuit – Lachie Henderson $6000

Averaging just shy of 60 fp, it’s nothing amazing but in tonight’s match up with the Power, I see Henderson having a solid game as he tackles the likes of Charlie Dixon and Justin Westoff and also given that Lonergan is out injured. An intercepting marker averaging 5.7 marks and 14 touches.

Prediction: 75 fp


Hammer – Paddy Ryder $7700

Averaging 99 in recent weeks, Ryder has finally met his potential at the Power. Putting up 13 touches, 4 tackles and 35 hit-outs, scoring 82 fp and coming off 131, 84 and 87 in previous games. Should be a good battle with Smith in the ruck. Ryder has the ability to push forward as well to create an option.

Prediction: 85 fp


ATM – Mitch Duncan $10300

Duncan has taken his game to another level. With Selwood and Dangerfield getting a majority of the attention, Duncan seems to be able to run freely. Averaging 120 fp and coming off 31 touches, 7 marks and an amazing 18 tackles scoring 169 fp. Should be left alone once again tonight, been a consistent scorer all season.

Prediction: 116 fp

Hammer – Brad Ebert $9500

Ebert has been a solid contributor for the Power. Averaging 110 fp coming off 31 touches, 4 tackles and 4 marks and scoring 104 in China. Back from a week off, he should be ready to go and potentially do a run on Selwood or Dangerfield.

Prediction: 108 fp

Biscuit – Scott Selwood $6100

In for his first game and for one reason only, his tackling pressure! Scoring 119 fp from 17 tackles, 17 touches, and 1 goal. Could be a handy option with high reward.

Prediction: 90 fp


Hammer – Zach Tuohy $8300

Tuohy is averaging 94 fp this season, his run from behind and link up handball through the midfield has been awesome for the Cats. Exactly what they needed when they traded for him. Coming off 28 touches and 2 goals, scoring 95 fp.

Prediction: 102 fp

Biscuit – Hamish Hartlett $7100

Hartlett has been a shell of himself this year but has still been able to average 70 fp. Tonight is going to be a contestant match up and his body will be suited for a good hard battle.

Prediction: 82 fp