Sunday afternoon football will finish the bye rounds for 2017.  After the last few weeks, it is not going to be a walk in the park for either team as they will scrap over for all four points.  Both teams have the right to be fighting for a spot in the top eight, but who will grasp the opportunity and string the required wins together when it counts?


Tom Boyd $6,300

Both teams without an out-and-out ruckman for the game will see some unconventional opponents duel.  The mobile ruckman is a way of the future and Boyd is grasping the concept quickly as he develops his game.  He will need to roam the ground and push hard forward to impact the scoreboard if the Dogs are to win.


Cameron Pedersen $7,400

Another ruckman, come forward in the absence of Spencer and Gawn.  Pedersen has taken to the role well and has been dominating areas of the game for the Demons.  Averaging 16.4 disposals, 4.7 tackles, 5.3 marks and 15.5 whiteouts per game is easily the reason his scoring has been prolific for his price.

Christian Petracca $6,800

Young Demon forward Christian Petracca is an interesting case when it comes to an age-old chat- Is he a preferred in the midfield or forward?  Last week he showed he can dominate the contest forward of 50 and his big body is aided by his agile nature around the contest.  Expect a cracking contest from Petracca in the face of adversity.


Clayton Oliver $8,800

Oliver is definitely one of the shining lights in the competition for this season.  His work ethic is something to write home about.  Averaging 29.4 disposals and 6.6 tackles per game are huge for such a young player.  He isn’t priced hugely for a player that can dominate the game and make a difference around the ground.

Mitch Wallis $7,400

Since coming back from his horrific injury, Wallis has been working his way back into regular form each week.  Wallis will need to find plenty of the ball and give his other midfielders and forwards first use coming out of the stoppages.  His points do take a hit due to the number of handballs over kicks but he is well worth the risk at the $7,400 price range.

Jack Macrae $8,900

With other key midfielders not holding up their form each week, Macrae has stepped up in the coal face.  Averaging 26.4 disposals and 5.7 tackles for 2017 he will need to take every opportunity if he is to find enough of the football for his side.  If the Bulldogs midfield can get on top Wallis and Macrae will have a big day.


Matthew Suckling $7,100

Suckling hasn’t hit his straps in 2017 as often as he would have liked.  He will need to improve his game play to assist the likes of Johannisen when overwhelmed with an attack.  Run off the half back line will be key for both sides, Suckling needs to utilise his booming kick and lead from the front.

Michael Hibberd $7,500

Since moving over to the Demons from Essendon he has not put a foot wrong.  Not for the first time I have shown confidence in Hibberd to break open a contest.  Averaging 27.7 disposals and 5.3 marks per game is easily how he earns his points each game.  He certainly knows how to find the ball coming out of defence.

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