Friday night footy back again for another week.  The Saints will be fighting their way up the ladder, while the Kangaroos are working towards more wins for the 2017 season.  Neither team will be an easy beat come the final siren.  Only one team will walk away with all four points but who will it be?


Todd Goldstein $9,000

Goldstein has been threatening a big game in recent weeks and tonight will be the perfect timing for the big man.  He is a presence for the Roos and will need to make sure that he gives his teammates first use of the ball.  With the options tonight, I would think Goldy would certainly be the best bet.


Shaun Higgins $8,300

Working his way into a solid season for the Roos, Higgins has been one of the side’s best players.  Averaging 22.3 disposals and 4.5 tackles for the year as a generator for North Melbourne and his teammates are well aided in the ball play he brings to the table.

Kayne Turner $6,200

Young Roo has been working hard to retain his spot this season and hasn’t managed to put a foot wrong.  He is a cheaper forward option for the game and has proven that he is able to generate scores that are worthy of the risk.  Against the Saints, he will need to push hard around the ball and show intense pressure.


Sebastian Ross $9,900

The most prolific Saints midfielder for the 2017 season.  He has worked absolutely tirelessly in the coal face to earn himself possession and impact the game for his side.  Averaging 30.6 disposals and 4.4 tackles go to show the quality he can bring to the table.  He is the most expensive midfielder in the game but he is well worth the gamble.

Trent Dumont $7,300

Another young Roo who has continued to deliver in 2017 is Dumont.  His big body in the midfield and ball use has aided his selection week in and week out.  He is a cheaper option in the midfield, but he is capable of a big score if he starts well and finds his groove.  Definitely an option to help with the salary cap.

Jack Ziebell $8,900

The captain for the North Melbourne football club has been one of the shining lights for the club this year and is leading from the front.  If the Roos are to have a chance against the Saints tonight then it will all start with the midfield being led by Ziebell.  He knows what it will take.


Luke McDonald $7,100

Another cheaper option when it comes to the defensive choices for tonight’s game.  McDonald’s scores for his price though are well worth the risk that he can deliver.  His tackling pressure and ball use have been prolific and if he can continue in this fashion then he won’t be leaving anything behind him but the Saints forwards.

Dylan Roberton $8,900

Breakout for the Saints has definitely been Dylan Roberton.  He has worked his way into being one of the better running defenders in the competition with his drive aiding the Saints in rebound attacks.  He will be a key figure in a win for the Saints if they are to get up.

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