What a weekend of footy we’ve had. So many twists and turns so far this season and it just keeps getting more and more interesting as we get further along. The Giants are still looking to place their name in the ring as one of the powerhouse teams this season and they are coming up against a young Blues team who are looking to notch a win against the Giants.

Giants vs Blues Special


Matthew Kreuzer – $8,700

Kreuzer is now becoming one of the competition’s most competitive and dominant ruckman. He becomes another midfielder as soon as the rucking contest is over and he covers a lot of ground for a big man which generally burns out his opponent giving him more space and time to receive and use the ball well.


Nathan Wilson – $6,600

Wilson is now taking the role of the attacking half backman with Williams spending increased amounts of time in the midfield. This has benefited his scoring output and taken his game to another level within the team. He has some good skills and tends to become the extra man at a contest to help his teammates out.

Tom Williamson – $4,500

Williamson is now one of the Blues’ young defensive brigade and Williamson is one of the guys that has really impressed me with his ball usage and his ground positioning. He’s even gone for a run up the ground to kick a couple goals this season which only adds to the potential ceiling his score can produce.


Joshua Kelly – $10,200

Kelly has now definitely put his name up into the elite midfielder bracket this season after taking his game from simply an outside playing midfielder to one of the competition’s cleanest inside ball winner and efficient user.¬†There have been rumors of a $10 million price tag on his head and he is not disappointing.

Lachie Whitfield – $7,900

Whitfield is repaying the Giants after being suspended for the first 6 weeks of this season by playing some excellent football and is giving us a perfect mid priced midfielder to place into our teams he has been averaging 99.5FP over his 4 games this season which is huge for a player priced at $7,900 at this stage this season.

Tim Taranto – $6,100

Taranto has not taken a backward step since making his way into this Giants lineup, he gets a majority of his points from tackles which is the sort of points we love as they are cheap points, with a lack of real good cheap options. Taranto has averaged 78FP over the last 3 rounds which is perfect as a cheap option through the middle.


Charlie Curnow – $5,100

With the number of defenders missing from the Giants backline I would like to see Charlie Curnow take a game by the horns and show us what we all believe and that he is capable. He is still a very young player and will be one of the competition’s best in a few years but he does still need to show us what he can do and a game like today is his opportunity.

Liam Jones – $4,500

Jones has been used in an incredibly different role this season than we have seen in the past. He hasn’t played a game at AFL level yet this season but has been playing across the half backline for the Northern Blues in the VFL. This has done wonders to his game and is finding a lot more of the ball with improved ball skills to keep the ball moving around.

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