This should be a high-scoring contest that any of the two teams can win.


Cameron McInnes ($8,500) may be one of the best performing hookers but I’m going to take a punt on Kaysa Pritchard ($5,800). He’s also performing well in recent times and will allow me to spend big on the expensive candidates on offer in other positions.


Saving my cap in other positions will allow me to grab Jack De Belin ($9,000) and Nathan Brown ($7,900). These two will keep the points ticking over and they’re extremely reliable as forward options. I’ll have to get one of the cheaper options too and Daniel Alvaro ($5,600) should do well considering he’s part of the starting pack this weekend.


I’m going to ignore Gareth Widdop ($8,600) this week and opt for Corey Norman ($7,300) as my half. Norman will be ready to fire this week after missing a few weeks through injury and getting pumped by the Cowboys last weekend.

Outside Backs

I’m a little nervous selecting Tim Lafai ($9,900) after last week’s effort but I’m going to fork out the big bucks on his services. Kalifa FaiFai Loa ($4,900) had a huge game in his one and only appearance and I think he’ll be a good pick at his price. I also like Nene MacDonald ($6,600) who has been looking for involvement every chance he gets.

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