We are back with another beautiful weekend of footy, it’s so good having a full day of footy on Saturdays again and this season is just making it so much more interesting, with bottom teams defeating top teams, you just can’t pick them this season, and it is great! So without any further ado, here are our AFL fantasy tips for the Saturday Slam Special.

Saturday Slam Special


Toby Nankervis – $7,400

In the ruck i am going with Nankervis today, he will be coming up against Longer who is competitive but i don’t believe he is mobile enough to go around the ground as well as Nank can, this means we’ll hopefully see an increased amount of uncontested marks from him and even sneak forward for a goal or two, will be looking forward to what he produces.


Nic Newman – $7,600

Newman has been phenomenal for us fantasy players so far this season, he’s now a little more on the pricey side but it’ll be worth it, coming up against the Suns i expect him to get a lot of those cheap mark kick combos he loves playing across the half back line, he’s even bobbing up in the forward line in recent weeks and kicking us goals which is awesome for his scoring.

Zac Guthrie – $3,500

The younger brother to Cam, he played his first game last weekend and scored 37FP, i’ll be looking for an improved score out of him today coming up against a very competitive young Lions team, when you need cheap options Zac is probably one of the better ones out on the park today in terms of Defenders.


Patrick Dangerfield – $11,100

If you can find a way to get this guy into your team just do it, he has been amazing in recent weeks and has really lit the competition apart, last 3 round average is 130.7FP which is huge and makes sense due to his high price but it’s danger, if you can bring him in just do it i cannot stress that enough!

Kane Lambert – $7,800

Lambert has been in fantastic form and has really impressed me so far this season, so much so i brought him into my Fantasy Draft team, last weekend he scored a whopping 147FP which included 40FP from his 10 tackles alone, he is one of those tough nut midfielders who gets his head over the ball and if someone beats him to it he won’t shy away from the tackle, this is all great from a Fantasy point of view.

Alex Witherden – $4,200

This kid has only played 2 games so far this season but they have both been fantastic, he was really unlucky last week not to get the rising star nomination with is 29 touch performance, for a real cheap midfield option he will be hard to passover, i expect well over 50% of todays fantasy players to have this guy in their team, if they don’t then you have really missed out on a cheap gem.


Jamie Elliott – $6,800

Elliott let me down a little last weekend, but i brought him in to quickly after missing a few games, usually takes him that one comeback to find his feet again and then the second week he comes in guns blazing, so i’ve stuck him in again, up against the Bombers defense who can be known to leak goals will be really looking forward to what Elliott produces today.

Jonathon Patton – $6,400

Patton has been in great form in recent weeks, taking big contested marks when his team needs them and also kicking those crucial goals, after an injury plagued start to his career it looks like his body is finally agreeing with him and we all are very excited to see what kind of monster this guy can become, he wasn’t a number 1 draft pick for no reason!