Get ready for a whole new football experience as EPL DFS returns to Moneyball! This season’s EPL has been revamped to provide you with the most realistic daily fantasy football experience in Australia.

The 17/18 season introduces the new and exciting scoring parameters of big chance created, blocked shots and clearances. As well as a range of updates to our classic scoring parameters.


EPL Scoring Updates

Big Chance Created

A pass which led to a clear-cut scoring opportunity e.g. one-on-one situation or a shot from just a few yards out, as determined by Opta our data provider.

The addition of big chance created will now value players playing on weaker teams. This new parameter will now highlight the creative players in your squad who are often overlooked due to the weaker teams they play for.

Blocked Shot

Any goal attempt heading roughly on target toward goal which is blocked by a defender, where there are other defenders or a goalkeeper behind the blocker.


This is a defensive action where a player kicks the ball away from his own goal with no intended recipient of the ball.

The introduction of blocked shots and clearances means your defenders will now play a bigger role when selecting your line-ups. Looking for bargains and value on defence is more important than ever!

EPL Scoring

As well as adding these exciting new parameters there have been a range of updates made to the overall EPL Moneyball scoring. Check out this season’s exciting scoring below and take your shot in this weekend’s contest’s now live in the Moneyball lobby!