It’s been a long time between drinks for the Richmond football club and the Giants are facing a chance of their grand final debut.  Only one team is walking away from the MCG ready for the grand final in 2017 but 100,000 Tigers faithful could have something to say about who it is.  The last time these two teams faced off it was a thrilling finish seeing the Giants steal the four points.  Are we in store for another epic blockbuster or will one team run away with the ball and the win? AFL fantasy tips


Toby Nankervis $8,000

Richmond have picked up a gem in Nankervis for 2017.  Averaging 14.7 disposals, 4 tackles and 24.5 hit outs this season, he has been a prominent player week in week out.  He was seemingly a missing piece of a puzzle for the Tigers and will be ready to assert his dominance with Shane Mumford out of the side for GWS.  He will need to do his best to roam the ground and push forward to impact the score board for his club, much the way Jacobs did for the Crows last night.


Toby Greene $8,300

Greene has copped plenty of flack this season, mostly because of his MRP mishaps.  Their isn’t a doubt in my mind that he has pure talent flowing through every inch of his body.  He managed to average 18.2 disposals, 5.9 marks and 45 goals throughout the 2017 season.  He is priced at $8,300 but his average of 91.1Fp this season is well worth the second look when it comes to making selections for any team.

Josh Caddy $7,200

A positive end to the season for Caddy apart from the slight injury concern forcing him out for a week.  Averaging 17.7 disposals, 4.1 marks and 3.3 tackles this season, he has been hunting the defence of his opposition like a man possessed.  If he is able to contribute 1-2 goals, and brings his forward pressure that we know and love then he could be ready for a solid scoring day.  Short priced at $7,200 with plenty of upside when it comes to today’s game, all being left out on the field expecting big things.


Dustin Martin $10,400

There is no doubt in the ability of Dusty Martin.  A player with flare and a don’t argue to match every facet of his game style.  Averaging 30.3 disposals, 3.7 tackles, 4.3 marks and 32 goals in 2017.  He is more than likely going to swing forward to put pressure on the defence but his run through the midfield will likely be attempted to be negated where possible.  He is the highest priced player on the field but if anyone is ready to step up and take the game to the Giants, it is the man himself.

Stephen Coniglio $9,200

Since returning from injury I have liked the form the Coniglio has been working himself into.  He is a mature well-rounded player and certainly has a game style footy fans love to watch.  He has averaged 25.9 disposals, 3 marks and 6.7 tackles but keeping in mind this is from just the 9 games.  In both of his finals appearances so far in 2017 he has managed 134Fp in the loss to Adelaide and 121Fp in the win over the Eagles.  Coniglio is ready to take the game on and will be a handy selection at $9,200.

Shaun Grigg $9,000

Another quality midfield steal at $9,000.  Grigg has managed 23.6 disposal, 3.9 tackles and 5.6 marks this season with a form score of 122.7Fp.  With plenty of attention going to the likes of Dusty , Cotchin and Ellis the likes of Grigg will need to step up and generate run through the middle for his side.  If the Tigers get rolling I expect the entire team would jump on the bandwagon and set themselves for a massive score.  Under the radar is an understatement for a player with as much quality as Grigg, but time will tell when push comes to shove and the final scores come in.


Nick Vlastuin $6,800

The running defensive players for Richmond will need to be well utilized to feed the forward options plenty of alternative routes to goal.  Vlaustuin may not always be the most consistent scoring player in fantasy football but walking out in a preliminary final changes players.  He is coming off a 107Fp performance against Geelong first week of finals and will be looking to replicate much of the same.  Risk is in the reward and I believe this is the man to provide that.

Zac Williams 7,600

Another solid year for Williams as he is working hard to find plenty of the football for his side.  Averaging 22.2 disposals, 3.2 marks and 3.9 tackles this season, but it’s the run and gun style that he brings to the table that has fans salivating.  Tipping a solid performance from the get go for Williams and is unlikely to have a Richmond player paying him close attention for the game.  Still not priced out of reach for the scoring capability that he can put on show.