As the season winds down, it’s left to the nitty-gritty slate wise. No more Target comps since two very deserving winners took down the $37,000 prize.  I think everyone was glad to see Awisely take a piece since he agonisingly was caught out on 279.9 a while back and has been a regular at the top of the target leaderboard most of the season. The big prize was split with Aussie DFS GOAT Laminedor, who chopped it 3 ways thanks in part to some extra innings magic. I don’t know about the other sports’ targets, but the MLB 280 was a perfect mix if difficult-yet-attainable.  Well done to Moneyball and well done to all the daily grinders. I think I speak for many when I say we look forward to it starting up again next year. MLB Fantasy Tips:

Anyway, I digress before even beginning. On to today’s picks…

Wednesday Tips


*Pitchers are becoming a bit more difficult to predict at this point of the season. Veteran guys like Max Scherzer might not have much of a reason to do anything beyond keeping his rhythm while younger and marginally good pitchers might be digging a little deeper to endear themselves to their club for 2018.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and take a chance because over the next two weeks there will be more than one “where the F did that come from?” pitching performance.

Tyler Skaggs ($8,800).  I’ll be interested to see ownership on Skaggs tomorrow as he faces the Indians. Skaggs has had his ups and downs this year, but if you take away the games he’s had vs the Rangers (15 earned runs in 17 innings over 4 starts) his ERA would be a sparkling 3.10. The Indians have clinched their division and Jose Ramirez is unlikely to play, so resting their starters and taking it easy is not out of the quesiton.

Zack Godley ($16,300).  There are a lot of good, high priced pitchers going tomorrow, but Godley is probably in the best spot for a win. The Padres are not a very good hitting team, especially vs righties and the Dbacks look to be in a great spot to tee off against opposing pitcher Travis Wood. 7 innings, 8 Ks and a win shouldn’t be a surprise.

Hitters & Stacks

It’s going to be hot & humid in Detroit tomorrow with two very hittable pitchers going. Matt Olson ($7,200) is on one of those Eric Thames/Aaron Judge/Rhys Hopkins rolls with something like 14 homers in his last 19 games.  Jeimer Candelario ($5,600) is a power-hitting 3B for the Tigers who might be a nice pivot play as Oakland’s Ryon Healy ($5,700) is likely to draw a lot of attention.

Giancarlo Stanton ($8,100). I’m going to use him every time I have the room to do so purely because I really want him to get to 60 homers. But also, the Marlins just abused the Mets pitching staff yesterday and today’s starter Seth Lugo has seriously struggled on the road this year. If Stanton hits 2 today, he’ll be the biggest story in baseball over the final two weeks.

Nelson Cruz ($6,600) has hit Martin Perez hard in the past. The concern is that the weather is crappy in Seattle (I know, surprise), which surpresses home runs somewhat. Boomstick’s power should negate it.

Asdrubal Cabrera ($5,600) is a guy I find myself going back to over and over again. He’s not flashy, but it seems like he fills up the stat sheet just about every day. He has an $8.5 million contract option coming up this year, so I reckon the 31 year old will be doing what he can to prove he’s worth it.

Good luck everyone! Be sure to check lineups and weather.