Tuesday hosts an enticing 9 game slate and $20,000 worth of prizes in the Tuesday Swish Special. There are a number of good matchups to target, we well as a lot of value plays to be had. Lockout is 10:40 am AEDT, so make sure you get your lineup in by then, for your chance to win! NBA DFS Tips:

Point Guard

TJ McConnell $3,100

TJ has put up 41.5 and 31.8 in his last two games without a price increase. He’s been playing big minutes, and he has another game against HOU who will probably pay him very little attention on offense. Having watched his last two games, one concern is that he’s looked like a liability out there late in the game because of his hesitancy to shoot the ball. But with his current play and at his current salary there’s very little risk and only high reward.

Jrue Holiday $6,900

A surprise for me so far is how good the Pelicans have looked. Not just in the box score, but how they’ve actually looked out on the court. Boogie and Brow are gelling beautifully, the defense has shown flashes f eliteness, and Jrue Holiday seems to be finding his role. He’s been very consistent of late, not falling below 33 fantasy points in his last 4 games, which includes a 46.3 against Cleveland. THere’s no reason to believe the Magic will put an end to his early season form, even despite their own early season successes.

Shooting Guard

James Harden $11,600

Harden is a little expensive for my liking, and at this price should be faded in certain matchups. However, Philly isn’t one of those matchups. Last season he had a 50/13/13 game against the Sixers, and already this season he has had another big with 27/13 and some big plays down the stretch as the Rockets came back with only minutes left. Harden added 3 blocks and a steal to bump up his fantasy score, which may be possible again if he spends time guarding the much smaller TJ McConnell, who I mentioned before.

Rodney Hood $4,700

Rodney Hoods form has been poor so far, but he’s always been a player that can fill it up on any given night. Given how much Dallas has struggled so far, this seems like one of those nights where Hood could surprise.His price has seen a  dip from$5,000 to $4,700 and there’s always the concern that the Rookie Donovan Mitchell is just better than him, but against a weaker team like Dallas, this also feels like one of those classic Rodney Hood games (is that even a thing?).

Small Forward

Jayson Tatum $4,000

Jason Tayums price will go up one day, and on that day, I will stop recommending him in fantasy. Today is not that day. Play Jayson Tatum.

Moe Harkless $3,900

There’s not really a shortage of value today (like most days), but Harkless is another good option. He’s played over 35 minutes in the last two games and scored around 25 fantasy points in both games. He’s another great bargain option, but if you’re looking for someone slightly more expensive for the Tuesday tournament, try Gallinari or Covington.

Power Forward

Anthony Davis $11,200

It probably bodes well that most picks so far have been on the cheaper side, because the New Orleans twin towers again look like a good way to spend your money. Against an undersized frontcourt in Orlando, both Cousins and Davis should take full advantage of Gordon and Vucevic. Gordon is a fine defender, but neither player is inept in keeping the Boogie and the Brow from going to work.

Kristaps Porzingis $8,200

It’s hard to deny Porzingis, considering his incredible early season form. He’s putting up 30 and 10 like it’s nothing and has 50+ fantasy points in his last two matches. He’s the new king of new york. I am not sure on the Denver matchup, has their defense has been solid so far, but Kristaps definitely makes a nice tournament play, even if you fade him in cash games.

Aaron Gordon $7,100

Gordon has been incredible form this season, and although I mentioned he will be unable to contain AD, the same probably applies on the other end. Gordon is a little more mobile than even one of the agilest bigs like AD, and he’s also stretching the floor very well this season, averaging 22 points and shooting 58.8% from three. Those numbers will likely come down, but if Gordon has become a good three-point shooter then he’s a whole new player.


DeMarcus Cousins $10,900

Cousins has 63.1 79.6 and 66.4 in his last three games, including a 40/20 game and a triple-double. He seemed to be in the best condition of his career coming into the season, and so far he’s been in the best form of his career. He seems to be happier in New Orleans, and I have this feeling the Pelicans are really just about to click. If a guy as talented as Boogie can put it all together next to a player like AD then the league should be scared.