It feels so good to be back to regular programming. Regular season has hit us already and before we’ve even had a chance to blink there’s been multiple season-ending injuries, MVP-caliber performances and plenty of ups and down for fantasy players. Saturday Swish NBA DFS Tips:

If you have struggled to find anything positive about your performances on Moneyball so far, don’t worry; I’m here to help get you ready for the $35,000 Saturday Swish Special!

I’ll let you choose between Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James today. Instead, I’ll provide the low-priced goodies that fill up the bottom of your shopping bags.

point guard

D’Angelo Russell ($6,800)

D’Angelo Russell looks to be the best play of the day.

Firstly, Jeremy Lin went down with an excruciating injury and looks like he won’t see the court again this season. This opens up the doors for D’Angelo Russell to run wild and take control of the Nets offense.

The Nets vs. Magic game is expected to tally close to 225 total points between the two teams by bookmakers. This game is a dream for daily fantasy NBA players.

Russell started the season with 42.1 fantasy points against the Pacers and his usage should go up now with Lin out.

It seems too good to be true?

Darren Collison ($5,400)

Darren Collison had a humungous outing in his first game against the Brooklyn Nets. He racked up 21 points and 11 rebounds on the way to 45.1 fantasy points.

It’s important that we don’t jump on the Collison bandwagon too early, but he’s a very capable guard with high scoring potential when the ball is in his hands.

Fortunately for us, today’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers is certain to be a high-tempo one.

Dennis Smith Jr. ($5,600)

It didn’t take long for Dennis Smith Jr. to wow Dallas Mavericks fans.

Smith scored 16 points to go with 10 assists and three rebounds in 30 minutes of game time against the Atlanta Hawks.

Smith is up against the Sacramento Kings who have been infamously bad at defending the guard position (especially from a fantasy perspective) for years now.

shooting guard

Jaylen Brown ($4,100)

Gordon Hayward’s injury, as devastating as it was, has opened up opportunities for some other players at the Celtics.

Many are looking at Terry Rozier as the one to be a major benefactor of the Hayward absence, but we should instead be turning to Jaylen Brown today.

Brown suffered from foul trouble in his first game and still managed 31.8 fantasy points. If he does that again, we’re looking at 7x value from a very, very affordable shooting guard.

Marco Belinelli ($3,800)

When you see someone less than $4,000 putting up 14 shots in a game, put them on your team.

Yes, we don’t have much of a sample size, but Belinelli put up 20 points, three rebounds, three assists and three steals as the Hawks cruised to a win against the Mavericks.

Belinelli’s shooting is extremely valuable to the Hawks and we can expect close to 25 minutes again today.

small forward

Tobias Harris ($5,900)

Tobias Harris finished last season strong and it looks as though that same form has continued through to the start of this season, as well.

Harris racked up 42.5 fantasy points against the Hornets. Again, it’s important not to get too far ahead of ourselves after one game but it looks as though Harris might have increased opportunity this season at the Pistons now without Marcus Morris.

Pat Connaughton ($3,000)

If you can’t decide between LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo today, you could always try and get both in your team?

Here’s a hint: if you want to do so, make sure Pat Connaughton is in your team.

Connaughton is priced at the extreme low of the salary range and still managed 28.4 fantasy points in the Trail Blazers first game against the Suns.

The production was promising, too. He scored 24 points to go with two rebounds and two assists, which means that even if he has a worsened shooting night, he should definitely be able to up his additional statistics to help out.

power forward

Ben Simmons ($6,000)

Something just feels right about locking Ben Simmons into your team today.

His first game was extremely promising. He managed 45.1 fantasy points behind 18 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and two steals. The promising part is that Simmons under performed in the assists area, so if we can get more production from that side of things – expect some big fantasy numbers.

Thaddeus Young ($4,600)

Here’s a disclaimer: before we begin talking about Thaddeus Young’s first game of the season, it’s important to note that it was a ridiculous 140-131 battle between the Pacers and the Nets.

However, Young still produced plenty of fantasy points without being all that efficient from the field. He shot just 7/16 but still racked up 17 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks for a total of 44.7 fantasy points.

Even if Thaddeus Young’s production drops to 30 fantasy points this game, that’s still a great return. Bank on him scoring more, though.


Marcin Gortat ($4,800)

Gortat could be the selection that we go boom-or-bust with today.

He went massive in the Wizards game against the 76ers and scored 45.9 fantasy points. It wasn’t an ordinary double-double, either. Gortat pulled down 17 rebounds to go with 16 points.

If you’re wondering about the ‘bust’ part? Well, Gortat could struggle against Drummond and the Pistons. We’ll soon find out.