It’s almost if things got back to normal in the NFL this week. At least the silly upsets seemed to chill a bit…with apologies to Panther fans. NFL daily fantasy wise, there was a pretty clear path to cashing as well.

I’ll continue with breaking down my cash game lineup, which is based largely on the weekly tips article (although I do deserve the right to make a few changes, for better or worse) and have a quick look at a couple of winning main slate tournament lineups. Hopefully we can see what went right and what went wrong.

Week 7 Recap

My Lineup

What went right

Pretty much anyone who had Zeke and Shady at running back would have done well. Zeke was the best play of the day by far by 4.6x’ing his salary.

Jarvis Landry continues to be a target monster and paid off well vs the Jets.

Jimmy Graham was solid despite two huge drops, but is being targeted more and more these days (especially in the red zone) so keep an eye on him going forward.

And Brady wasn’t the best value play this weekend, but he did enough.

What went wrong

Two weeks in a row I pretty much whiffed on receivers.

I was half right as I thought the Dal/SF game would be high scoring, forcing the 49ers into throwing a lot of passes, which in turn would lead to tons of targets for Garcon. He only got 7 targets (his 2nd lowest total of the year) on his way to a measly day.

After his performance last week, I’m done with Rishard Matthews in cash. He simply isn’t reliable enough.

Another week where a relatively chalky Defense failed to live up to expectations. It’s as if the Vikings deployed the old Bend-But-Don’t-Break strategy and were content to give up field goals before fully relaxing and allowing a junk time TD. That last score dropped them from 9 to 6, which isn’t huge but in the end 9 would have at least 2x’d their salary.

The cash line in the Double Up was 126.6, just up from the previous week’s 124.9.

GPP Winners

Congrats to ALKWAR86, who took the top spot (and 3rd place) in the main tournament with a tidy 176.16. It’s almost as if he took my advice and went with Russell Wilson, who was only 2.5% owned. Jokes aside, the key to his success was the Bears D, who he was all over last week. Props for that call, as well as smashing me in a Head To Head!

2nd place went to Kookies who had two inspiring WR picks in Jermaine Kearse and Kenny Stills, each of whom were less than 1% owned. A couple of great matchup plays here, love the picks!

*Pretty much any team in the top 15 had Dak and/or Zeke.

*I was a bit surprised to see Tyrod Taylor only 5.5% owned as I thought he made a good play vs a questionable Tampa D.

*Mark Ingram was 19.7% owned, Alvin Kamara only 7.6%.  Ingram outscored Kamara 19 to 13.2, but is $1k more.  I still like Kamara going forward as he looks to be heavily involved in the saints offense.