How lucky you all are that I decided to do a weekly rundown of the Week That Was. Actually, I just thought I’d check myself and come clean on my picks for better or worse. I’ll go over some of the top scoring players and look back at my cash game lineup as well as some of the winner’s lineups to see what went right and what went wrong. NFL daily fantasy:

Week 6 Recap

My Cash Game Lineup

QB:  Deshaun Watson ($8,000)
RB:  Kareem Hunt ($9,400), Leonard Fournette ($8,700)
WR: DeAndre Hopkins ($8,100), Jamison Crowder ($5,300)
Flex: Mark Ingram ($6,000)
TE:  Ryan Griffin ($4,600)
K:  Harrison Butker ($4,500)
DEF: Broncos ($5,400)
Total Score:  119.8, missing the doubleup cash line by 4.04pts

What went right:  Watson and the 3 running backs accounted for 72% of my points.  I always felt like this was a good weekend to pay up for RBs and even with Hunt’s lacklustre performance, those 3 guys 2.5x’d their combined salary.

What went wrong: Pass catchers.  Pretty easy to see that Hopkins, Crowder, and Griffin all failed to deliver double-digit points. Admittedly, Crowder was a risk as evidenced by his 4% ownership in the double up, but I was high on him this week and wanted exposure to the Redskin passing game. I spent $13,400 on the two WRs and had I spread it more evenly across 2 players like Adam Thielen, Larry Fitz, or Golden Tate I would have been cashed.
I can live with 12pts from the kicker and defense, but 13 from the 2 WRs is a killer.

In the end, this will probably be the last time I stack a team in a cash lineup. Having said that, I’d probably do the same thing given the same circumstances. Those 3 guys, in a vacuum, were solid plays IMO.  And I give credit to the Browns for neutralising Nuc.

GPP Winners

User awisely had the top lineup in the double up with Watson, Lev Bell, Ingram, Melvon Gordon, Larry Fitzgerald, and Michael Crabtree. That right there was enough to cash, but throw in an inspired choice of the Vikings D at .8% ownership and he crushed.

User Barltrop19 had a nice lineup in 5th place with an Arizona stack of Palmer, Fitzgerald, and John Brown to go along with Ingram, Bell, and Gronk. The Tampa Bay defense is underachieving in a big way and the trip to Arizona highlighted it. The only reason Palmer’s price was so low was due to his lack of TDs, so he was certainly in a positive regression spot here. Only 3.4% owned, he certainly rewarded the few who clicked him in.

Final Thoughts

I found it interesting that within the top 10 scorers this week contained names like Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Kirk Cousins, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, Rob Gronkowski, Mark Ingram.  It seemed a day for veterans, guys who have been around the block (so to speak). They are also guys who might not have recently played up to their career standards, but were in good spots nevertheless.  Beware of recency bias!

Feel free to comment, let me know how you went and if you noticed anything interesting about the week.