Moneyball is Australia’s first and only fantasy horse racing platform where you can play and win real cash on the same day. To give yourself the best chance to win, you need to understand the ins and outs of Daily Fantasy Sports and more specifically, Daily Fantasy Horse Racing. While many of our contests for the NBA and NFL have been up and running for a while, our Horse Racing contests are the newest sport we offer. To give you a better understanding of these we have put together some information regarding the basics of how our tournaments work and will hopefully give you the best chance of winning some money.

Contest Scheduling

The beauty of daily fantasy horse racing is that there will be contests for you to enter every day. The way in which Horse Racing contests are held will generally depend on the day of the week and how many races are on for that particular day. For example on a Saturday, when race meetings are being held at most tracks around Australia, there will be early, arvo and late slates open for you to enter. Each slate will offer up a selection of races from certain tracks. Depending on what time these races start will place them into their respective slates. With less races on throughout the week most mid week contests will offer up just an early and a late slate. As well as this, Moneyball gives participants the chance to create their own contest for as little as $2. You can invite mates to play and see who comes out on top at the end of the day.

How Scoring Works

The most important information which you will need to know is how your horse can earn you points. It is quite simple for horse racing in comparison to many of our other sports. If any of your horses win a race they will score 15 points, 2nd = 8 points, 3rd = 4 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th = 1 point. The only other way for a horse to score you fantasy points is through exotics such as a quinella or a trifecta. Having both the top two finishing horses from any one race in your team is known as the quinella and will score your team an extra 10 points. The biggest scoring play in Fantasy Horse Racing is the Trifecta. This is achieved by having the top three horses from any one race all in your team and will score you an extra 20 points. If your horse does not run for any reason, that selection will result in a score of 0.

Selecting Your Horses

After entering a contest you will have a $60K salary to select 9 horse with a maximum of 4 from any one race. It is here where the aim is to pick a horse who you think will score you more fantasy points than your opponents. The cost of each horse will vary depending on how successful and/or well rated they are and will correlate to their respective odds with bookmakers. For example, a short-priced favourite with the bookmakers may cost you up to $15K while a horse at longer odds could cost you as little as $2K. While choosing your ‘team’ you will be able to access the form of each horse and other information including the trainer and the jockey to help you make your selections. Once you have successfully picked your team of 9 horses you are ready to go! You may make unlimited changes to your selected team line-up up until contest lockout. Lockout is in place from the commencement of the first race in that contest.