Will you play “The Beard” or not today? James Harden stands out as the only top-tier NBA DFS selection for the $15,000 Wednesday Swish Special and it’s clear that his performance will make or break teams on Moneyball today.

point guard

Spencer Dinwiddie ($4,300)

If you’re going to play James Harden today, you need affordable players to round out your team and balance it across all positions.

This is where Spencer Dinwiddie comes in. His price obviously doesn’t reflect the fact that he’ll be replacing the Nets leading scorer in D’Angelo Russell today.

We shouldn’t expect a supernatural performance from Dinwiddie, but he should provide value for this salary and he only needs 21+ points to do so.

Yogi Ferrell ($3,600)

Yogi Ferrell has slotted right into the Mavericks shooting guard spot and had an excellent game against the Thunder most recently.

He’s now seen over 34 minutes in each of his last two games, which makes him an attractive option for owners looking to cash in on cheap players to stash some of the big guys in your team today.

Ferrell is your low-risk/low-reward kind of play, but he might just be a necessary addition to some teams today.

shooting guard

James Harden ($11,800)

You just can’t avoid playing James Harden today.

If you do, you’re brave. And well, it might even pay off if he scores less than 50.

But with the way that he has been playing (scores of 76.9 and 80.7 in two of his last four games), his ceiling can carry you to fantasy glory.

Ever since Chris Paul has been watching from the side of the court, Harden has taken over and dominated opposing teams again. The Raptors aren’t great at defending the shooting guard position and it’s likely that Harden will go big again today.

Eric Gordon ($5,900)

It might seem strange to be running with two guys from the same team at shooting guard today, but hear me out.

Eric Gordon is hitting decent returns from a fantasy perspective nearly every night. With Paul out of the team, Gordon’s fantasy production has lifted slightly and that means he remains as a consistent option at shooting guard.

He’s not turning heads because he isn’t the guy that you will be thanking after winning the Wednseday Swish, but he’ll likely contribute quite well to your overall score.

small forward

Kyle Anderson ($5,000)

Kyle Anderson has found his stride.

After an uneventful start to the season Coach Popovich has given Anderson plenty of time on the court since Danny Green has been sidelined.

Green is suffering from a hamstring injury and remains questionable for today’s game against the Mavericks.

That means Anderson is in consideration again today and he has scored close to 5x or more in each of his last three games.

C.J. Miles ($3,000)

The small forward position is incredibly weak today on Moneyball.

That means that guys like C.J. Miles (believe it or not), actually make for a good play. Well, he might have been in consideration any other day considering the circumstances, anyhow. With Powell sidelined, Miles is likely to rack up 20 minutes of game time.

Now, it’s just a matter of what Miles can do out there. If he manages to scrape up 20+ fantasy points for your team, that’s an excellent return for your team from just $3,000.

Get him in your teams.

power forward

LaMarcus Aldridge ($8,400)

If you’re looking to spend up at power forward today, LaMarcus Aldridge is the best option.

Since Kawhi Leonard has been missing with an injury to his right quad, Aldridge has stepped up and been everything the Spurs required.

He racked up 43.2 and 48.4 fantasy points in two consecutive games before scoring 31.9 in just 21 minutes most recently.

Trevor Booker ($4,000)

Despite Booker’s minutes hovering around the 20 minutes mark right now, he makes for a good investment just in case he manages to score more game time. Even right now, he’s racking up nearly a point a minute which means he is likely to hit 5x value off 20 minutes of game time.

I’ll discuss it later on, but the Celtics will be looking to exploit the Nets interior. As such, the Nets could rely on guys like Booker to get out there and lock down the Celtics from overwhelming them on the inside.


Al Horford ($7,400)

If you’re anything like me, you see the value in playing studs against the Nets on a regular basis.

Horford isn’t exactly a fantasy “stud” by any means, but he forms one of the many weapons on the Celtics team. The Nets struggle against big men and it could Horford’s time to rack up 40+ fantasy points again for owners.

Clint Capela ($6,900)

With scores of 41 or more in each of his last three games, it’s incredibly difficult to pass on Clint Capela right now.

If you’re selecting Harden, you should consider doubling up on the Rockets and go all-out in an attempt to secure top spot in the $15,000 Wednesday Swish? 

Harden and Capela are a fascinating duo and their performances are highly correlated. Again, if you’re investing heavily in Harden, you can either choose to diversify your fantasy portfolio or put all your eggs in one basket today.