Batten down the hatches because we’re in for a wild run to the playoffs with lots of teams fighting for a few spots. This week also brings up the Saturday games, which we’ll have this week and next (not a fan, personally, but it is what it is…) NFL fantasy tips:

On to this week’s tips, plenty of fantasy goodness to be had and let’s try to get that target!

Week 15 Tips


Russell Wilson ($8,500). Don’t let the matchup scare you off, Wilson easily has the highest floor of any QB in the league. He has multiple TD passes in 8 straight games and has 3 TDs in his past 4 games (including 2 rushing).  He’s scored 24pts in his last two games against two of the top passing defenses in the game. My only hesitation is that he hasn’t been all that good in the rain (ironic for a Seattle QB), which is the only reason I wouldn’t be using him this weekend.

Cam Newton ($8,000) draws one of the absolute worst passing defense in the league in Green Bay. Like Wilson, his rushing ability raises his floor and Newton is actually more of a scoring threat on the ground. If Aaron Rodgers does in fact return to ingnite the Packer offense, it’s a big boost to Cam’s upside as a shootout will only lead to more opportunities.

Running Back

Kenyan Drake ($6,600) is almost a must play this week. We need to find value somewhere and Drake gives us a little at RB. Buffalo is ranked right down near the bottom in fantasy points given up to running backs and Drake has been on fire over the last 2 weeks to the tune of 134 rushing yards and 100 receiving yards. I can’t see a good reason for not using him.

Le’Veon Bell ($9,500) is just too good not to roster. He’s getting nearly 50% of Steeler offensive touches and draws a home matchup against the Patriots, who just got gashed by Miami and Kenyan Drake. The marquee matchup of the week, Pittsburgh will be looking to make a statement, so I look for Bell to have a big impact.

Wide Receiver

Michael Thomas ($8,200) is my “expensive” receiver of choice this week…and there seem to be plenty. There are a lot of good looking options over $7k, but I like Thomas and his 10 targets per game average over the past 6 weeks. The matchup is also mint as he gets a home game vs the Jets, who are one of the very worst defenses against wide receivers.

Dede Westbrook ($5,800) is the value play at the position this week for me.  He’s got 27 targets over the past 3 weeks and is clearly becoming Balke Bortles’ favourite target. Like Thomas above, he faces one of the worst defenses vs the position and because he’s so cheap, should easily hit his value this week.

Tight End

Charles Clay ($5,400). I don’t like this position at all this week, but with TyGod Taylor back at the helm for the Bills, Clay is a good option even if he was priced higher. The Dolphins are a team that actually funnels play to the tight end position (meaning they are much better agasint wide receivers) and Clay should benefit here.


Jacksonville ($5,900).  I actually think it’s reasonable to pay up for the Jags this weekend. Houston is starting 3rd stringer TJ Yates and the Jags are one of the few teams in the league capable of neutralising their top threat, DeAndre Hopkins. This game could get ugly for the Texans.


Robbie Gould ($4,500) has 9 field goals in 2 games since Jimmy Garoppolo has taken over? Coincidence? Probably not. The 49ers are actually capable of moving the ball, but stall around the redzone. Gould is a veteran and should see a few more chances against a not very good Titan defense on the road.

Good luck everyone!