Don’t be turned off by today’s smaller slate – the fantasy value far exceeds expectations. There are a lot of big names missing today, so picking the players who perform in their absence will be crucial. Today’s games start at 10:10 am, so get your teams in early if you want your shot at the $6,000 Thursday Swish. NBA DFS Tips:

Point Guard

Terry Rozier $5,800

Boston is missing Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart today, which means they’ll likely rely heavily on Terry Rozier at guard. Rozier is listed as the starting shooting guard next to Shane Larkin at the point, and there’s also not a lot behind him. The last time Rozier had this opportunity, he averaged 42 fantasy points over 3 games as a starter in Smart and Irving’s absence. This seems like a pretty good bet, and it’s a play for both cash and tournaments.

Tyler Johnson $5,100

With Dwayne Wade and Josh Richardson likely missing, there should be plenty of minutes for Tyler Johnson at starting shooting guard. Richardson played 34.8 minutes last game and had a fantasy score of 23.6, but just a few games ago he played 38 minutes and had a score of 42.6. Hopefully, today is another high minute, high fantasy score game.

Shooting Guard

Khris Middleton $7,200

Middleton has been in incredible form of late, averaging just shy of 40 fantasy points a game over his last 3 outings. He also has a good record against Orlando with 43.3 and 33 fantasy point performances in their last 2 matchups. With the tank-fest fully on for the Magic, there should be no reason Middleton doesn’t perform well today.

Nick Young $3,500

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Nick “Swaggy P” Young might be a useful fantasy option today. The Warriors are resting every man and his dog, so there’s very little competition for Swaggy at the guard spot. If there’s one thing we know about Swaggy, it’s that he’s not afraid to jack it. Even on the Warriors, he’s getting up 13 shots per 36 minutes, so if he plays big minutes, we might see a lot of opportunities for Swaggy P to put up points at the minimum salary.

Small Forward

Kevin Durant $10,800

Speaking of the Warriors. The only big name that doesn’t seem to be sitting out today is Kevin Durant. Curry, Klay and Draymond will all miss, so Kevin Durant will be flying solo as the lone star on this team. I imagine that means his usage will be sky high, and it makes him almost a no-brainer for today’s fantasy slate.

Jayson Tatum $4,800

It’s an interesting day at small forward. On One hand it’s quite easy to see a whole host of great fantasy options, but on the other hand, that means it’s tough to pick one. However, there are a couple that stand out from the pack, and one of those players is Jayson Tatum. I mentioned earlier that Boston was missing most of their guards, but that also means they’re missing most of their scoring production. As a result, we will get to see what Tatu can do with a little extra responsibility. He had 36.5 in 34 minutes in his last game, and I’m expecting something similar today.

Power Forward

Bam Adebayo $3,500

Bam Adebayo just had 22.3 fantasy points in in 24 minutes, despite going 1/10 from the floor. Despite his poor shooting, he was a valuable performer, which earned him slightly more minutes than the game before. Given how well he played without making his baskets, I think Bam has every chance to explode today with Whiteside still out.

Julius Randle $8,300

Julius Randle is in incredible form lately, with 68.3 and 40.6 performances back-to-back. He’s really stating his case for a big payday in the offseason, but I guess we should be used to seeing this from players in contract years. Regardless, the clock is still ticking for Randle and he will want to finish the season strong. And it’s games like this against the Warriors that he usually loves. It’s a little bit different with Draymond out (a guy he has a beef with), but Randle has 41.5 and 32.2 against the Warriors in his last two games, and we know it’s a matchup he loves.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, Jordan Bell looks like juicy value on the minimum.

Greg Monroe $4,300

With Al Horford out, either Baynes or Monroe look like a nice option at centre, but I for one prefer Monroe. Monroe has had 20+ in 4 of his last 5 games, including a high of 32.7. I’m expecting a similar return today, as the Celtics will desperately need his scoring punch off the bench with all of their big names missing.