Today’s 4-game slate is extremely exciting, with two series tied and the other two series facing elimination games. What more could you want from a day of basketball, except perhaps your share of $4,000 in fantasy prizes? Get your team in by 9:10 am (AEST) for your chance to win! NBA DFS Tips:

Point Guard

Ricky Rubio $7,600

Old Rick Rubio has had quite the series. He’s averaging 44 fantasy points over the four games, including a high of 59.2. given his price, Rubio becomes potentially the best PG play on the market.

Russell Westbrook $12,200

One thing we know about Westbrook is that he will go down swinging, no matter how erratic it is. With a 3-1 deficit, he won’t concede the series without trying to take over every aspect of the game. Whether it will be effective or not is another story, but it will more than likely result in a lot of stats and a big fantasy score.

Shooting Guard

DeMar DeRozan $8,700

I still stick with the belief that DeRozan’s price is too cheap for a teams go-to player. Even though Toronto has installed a ball movement system, he’s still at the centre of it. His fantasy scores have been up and down, but the upside has been far too high to ignore at this price.

Kyle Korver $4,200

if the Cavs are to have any chance, someone other than LeBron has to step up for the Cavs and it feels like they need that guy to be Kyle Korver. If the Cavs can make shots it makes a world of different around LeBron, so Korver feels extremely important. His fit is good, the opportunity is there, now he just needs to perform.

Small Forward

LeBron James $12,400

How does the old saying go? You can always count on three things, death, taxes, and LeBron dropping 50+ fantasy points in a playoff game. No? That’s not it? Well, it sure feels that way at the moment. LeBron is the only thing keeping the Cavs in it and to do so he’s having to do everything. It would almost be a basketball sin to not play him. It would certainly be fantasy suicide at the very least.

Paul George $8,100

The Thunders best player is the only guy with numbers across the series that you can trust. PG has always been a good playoff performer and right now, he’s the guy you can count on for the thunder. In an important game for the Thunder, George will more than likely push the 40+ point mark.

Power Forward

Derrick Favors $5,800

Not only was Favors the X-factor in game 2, he’s also been extremely consistent for the series. He’s grabbing boards, blocking shots and finishing his field goals at a high rate. There’s great upside in his price, but it also seems very unlikely that he will score poorly enough to hurt your team, even on a bad day.



Steven Adams $6,300

The centre market for today’s slate is quite weak, and Adams hasn’t done much to deserve this selection. However, Adams is made for these moments. He plays hard, he never gives up, and he’s got nads of steel. If the Thunder have any hope of pulling this series back, it will depend very heavily on how much damage Adams can do on the glass. After all, the rest of the team’s superstars are mostly just out there bricking shots.