With the NBA season finally here that means some big $$$ contests on offer on Moneyball. To get you back into the swing of things we thought we would help you out with some key strategic plays for NBA DFS! Playing Daily fantasy sports NBA has now become a hugely successful and popular part of the industry. On Moneyball things are no different with NBA being one of the most played sports on the platform. There are always big prizes up for grabs and with matches on every day, it is crucial you learn the ins and outs of NBA DFS sooner rather than later!

There are many different strategies and formulas that can be implemented when playing NBA on Moneyball. I have picked out two of the top strategies which are crucial to climbing your way up the leader board to win some cash.


The idea behind consistency is selecting players who avoid those real low scoring games which can kill your team’s chances of winning the slate that day. So while it is easy to look at a player’s average score and go off that, this does not take into account the considerable variance between their lowest scores and their highest scores. For example Player A might average 40 Moneyball fantasy points per match and while this looks solid enough, he can be volatile in his output. So it is worth looking into a player like this and their daily game log. We see Player A has put up scores of 60+ a few times but has also scored as low as 10-15 which creates a risk when choosing him. If he goes off then you are looking good but just remember he is prone to an off-day.

Compare this to Player B, who is also averaging around the 40 point mark per game however his scores are a lot more consistent. He has had a top score of 55 however hasn’t scored lower than 30 so far this season. On first look these players look like similarly safe picks however, consistency is key in DFS and Player B looks a less risky pick compared to Player A. It is definitely worth doing your research into previous season performances to avoid players who have a high deviation in their scoring.

Point of Difference

This aspect of DFS strategy involves finding players who fly under the radar on certain days. It’s obviously all well and good to pick someone like Lebron James because you know he is going to score well but you must remember that a whole lot of your opponents might have the same idea. If this is the case, it’s important to target players who will be a point of difference in your line up alongside these big-scoring players. This can be done by finding a player who looks to have a good match-up against his opposition or someone who is in bad form however you think they are ready to break through that day.

These sorts of picks can make or break your team so don’t be afraid to run the risk in search of DFS glory!