Tomorrows seven-game slate features a number of enticing fantasy matchups. The most promising games include Denver vs Chicago (Over/Under of 226.5), Lakers vs Dallas (233.5 O/U) and San Antono vs Pheonix. Most of these teams play fast and most don’t play a lot of defense; they’re all bottom ten in defenses except for Denver who have really committed on that end this year. There are a number of other fantasy options across the board, but for the most part, players in these three matches are some of the better ones to target. NBA DFS Tips

Point Guard

Darren Collison $5,600

Darren Collison is one of the few guys who could easily provide a great return on his price. He has averaged 33.9 fantasy points over the last 2 games and played 36 minutes in his last game. Collison is also one of the league’s better pick pockets and he plays the turnover prone New York Knicks tomorrow, which should lead to a nice steals related fantasy bump.

Bryn Forbes $4,300

Bryn Forbes has two big ticks for tomorrow: matchup and consistent minutes. Forbes has been reasonably consistent as a fantasy scorer, except for in his most recent game. That’s due largely to his consistent minutes, where Forbes sees 30+ minutes a night. Forbes has returned 5X on his current salary in five-out-of six games so far, which really bodes well for his fantasy floor. With a good matchup against the Suns, Forbes should provide a similar return and he may even have his best fantasy return yet.

Shooting Guard

DeMar DeRozan $10,000

I have really enjoyed DeRozan’s game this year. He makes strides every offseason and this year was no different. Last year he stepped up his play-making and this year he’s gone to another level in the San Antonio offense. DeRozan looks more composed, controlled, and he’s making the right reads almost every time.  He looks more confident on offense and he took over for the Spurs late game on his way to 34 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists in their overtime win against the Mavs. DeRozan’s efforts resulted in a massive 61.7 fantasy point night, backing up the 61.4 fantasy points he had the night before. DeRozan is currently averaging 49.7 on the season and at $10,000, those numbers are almost impossible to ignore.

Monte Morris $4,900

Monte Morris has quietly, but expectedly found himself a nice role with Denver in the absence of Will Barton. He provides some of the off-the-dribble creation that they are lacking and his play led to a 43.1 fantasy explosion just two games ago. Morris has a nice chance to go big at a bargain price and he has a strong enough floor to provide a consistent 4X return if things aren’t hitting on all cylinders. That makes Morris a nice tournament play in tomorrows Thursday Monster.

Small Forward

Lance Stephenson $5,100

Dallas are a good matchup for opposition forwards so there are no surprises that I’ll recommend a few today. Stephenson is the first. This is a tournament only play, but if Stephenson can play his 25+ minutes and return a strong 30+ fantasy point score against a weak opposition, then it will be a great return at his price (he’s certainly capable).

Power Forward

LaMarcus Aldridge $8,800

Aldridge doesn’t look great on paper based on his recent form, but this recommendation comes on the basis of matchup. The Suns really struggle against big men. The Suns have defenders like Ryan Anderson and DeAndre Ayton, who both have trouble in pick and roll and on the block. I think it’s very likely that both will be schooled by one of the league’s most skilled bigs tomorrow when the Suns come up against Aldridge and the Spurs.

Brandon Ingram $7,400

Ingram returned from suspension like a man possessed in his last game, putting up 24 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. His 38 fantasy point return was nice, but I don’t think it’s far from what will be the norm for Ingram this season. Many pundits had him pegged as a most improved player front-runner, and that would mean 20+ points per game for the young star who averaged 16ppg last year. If Ingram does make the leap that many expect, he should continue to make nice returns on this $7,400 salary.


DeAndre Jordan $8,500

The Lakers are one of the three worst defenses against centres. One of the areas they really struggle is on the boards, which happens to be one of DeAndre Jordan’s greatest strengths. Their centre rotation is weak and Jordan has been in incredible form this season. He’s grabbing boards, getting dunks and he’s even getting assists and hitting his free throws (who would have guessed that?). His fantasy value has been great and his 41.8 fantasy point average is a very strong return on his current $8,500 salary.