NBA $10,000 Thursday Special

Tomorrow’s 10-game slate feels a little light on for options at first. The best plays don’t necessarily jump off the page. But if you look hard enough, there are a number of great matchups to target. Some of the league’s worst defensive teams, such as Cleveland, Minnesota, New Orleans and Chicago all play tomorrow and the New Orleans vs Chicago game looks particularly enticing with a massive 230 over/under. There are a couple of key outs to take advantage of as well, which means there should be plenty of big scores to go around.

Point Guard

Derrick Rose $5,800

With Jeff Teague out and Jimmy Butler in doubt, Derrick Rose comes into play tomorrow. His minutes have been fluctuating like nothing else lately, but when he gets the minutes he has the usage to go with it. With the Wolves two lead guards out tomorrow, Rose should have both the usage and minutes needed to make him a great daily fantasy play.

Shooting Guard

DeMar DeRozan $9,400

DeMar DeRozan is getting that early season MVP dark horse buzz and it’s been extremely well deserved. He has looked really good and so have the Spurs with a 6-3 record so far. With Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay out, DeMar DeRozan will have even more responsibility than normal which will lead to even bigger fantasy scores than normal.

Dennis Schroder $6,700

With Westbrook out a lot of the OKC players come into play, especially their ball handlers. Schroder is averaging 31.8 fantasy points over his last three games and seems likely to continue his form given the added responsibility with the triple-double king out with a sprained ankle.

Small Forward

Paul George $10,300

As I was saying, you should play the OKC starters in Westbrooks absence. Paul George had 53.2 in his last game in 38 minutes of play. George had 23 points to go with 6 rebounds and 8 assists, which are numbers we can really get behind. If those assist numbers are going to trend up in the absence of Russ, then PG makes for a great play.

Dante Cunningham $3,800

This is a hit or miss play based on some of the Spurs injuries. With Gay out, someone has to soak up those forward minutes. Cunningham seems like the most likely candidate with 38 minutes and 34.4 fantasy points just two games ago. Cunningham doesn’t often score that well, but he has the potential to which makes him a nice boom or bust play in tomorrow’s Thursday monster.

Power Forward

Anthony Davis $11,900

Anthony Davis is due for a big one and it seems likely to happen against one of the league’s best matchups. The Chicago Bulls are mostly witches hats on defense and it seems about time that Davis broke his recent run of below average form (for him at least). Davis will make mince meat of the Bulls and is definitely one to target in tomorrows Thursday Monster.

Derrick Favors $5,400

Derrick Favors is consistently returning value on his bargain salary and last game showed how much upside he has at this price. Favors had 38.5 fantasy points in just 23 minutes and it seems plausible that he could do the same damage against Dallas’ poor big man defense tomorrow.


Steven Adams $7,700

Not surprisingly I’m recommending another OKC player to take advantage of Russell Westbrook’s absence. Of course it also doesn’t hurt that the Cavs are one of the league’s worst defenses. All of the Thunder players are well positioned to have the usage, minutes, and defensive matchups to provide great returns in tomorrow’s Thursday Monster.