NBA $7,000 Thursday Special

Today’s 8-game slate features one of the highest projected scores that I can remember! The Pelicans and Warriors have a projected total of 241, and considering the amount of talent in that game there are bound to be some incredibly high fantasy scores. However, there are also plenty of other in-form players available at great value today. So where is your fantasy money best spent? Keep on reading to find out.

Point Guard

Damian Lillard $10,100

The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the best point guard matchups in the league which means we might be lucky enough to see a bit of Dame time today. Lillard has been in great form lately, seeing his price rise after averaging 44 fantasy points across the last three games. There might be a little bit of blowout potential with this one, but if it stays close I’m sure Lillard will welcome the chance to put a huge score on the scoreboard.

Derrick White $6,400

Derrick White has been in great form for the San Antonio Spurs recently, averaging 37 fantasy points over the last three games. White is currently playing 30+ minutes a contest with a usage close to 20% and he’s been passing the ball at a high rate, with over 6 assists a game. His form warrants selection on its own, but a juicy matchup against the Mavericks makes him almost impossible to pass up.

Shooting Guard

Jrue Holiday $8,600

In the highest scoring match of the day you need some guard representation. With such a fast pace there will be many fantasy points on offer and Jrue is in a good position to claim his share. He has had 45.7 and 51 in his last two games and while the Warriors aren’t a great guard matchup, they are also not one to avoid.

D’Angelo Russell $7,900

D’Angelo Russell has been producing at a very high level. He has scored 45.7 and 51.5 in back-to-back games with a usage rate over 30% in all of the last three games. That sort of usage is hard to turn down as it is, but with a good matchup against a depleted Houston team Russell should really take advantage of his shots. I think it’s very likely that Russell breaks 40 fantasy points today and even pushes for 50.

Small Forward

James Ennis $3,700

You’ve probably missed the Danuel House Jr news, but Houston’s best Small Forward option is back in the G-League due to a contract negotiation stand still. His absence opens up the starting spot for James Ennis, who is more than capable of taking advantage of it with a big performance. Ennis had many scores in the 20’s or even 30’s earlier in the season and is just now returning to health after missing about a dozen games. Between Ennis and Gary Clark, Houston will be relying on two minimum guys are Small Forward and with a good matchup against Brooklyn it’s very likely that one of them takes advantage with a decent fantasy score. I mean, James Harden can’t score all the points can he?

Kevin Durant $10,400

Kevin Durant has been in very strong form recently with 50.9 and 45.8 fantasy scores in his last two games. In today’s matchup against the Pelicans it’s expected to total as many as 240 points, and it’s also expected that the Pelicans will keep it reasonably close. Those facts make any of this games biggest names all viable fantasy options. However, Kevin Durant is probably the most likely to exceed his value. He may not have the upside of a Steph or AD, but there’s very little doubt he will return a strong fantasy score on his $10,400 price.

Power Forward

Montrezl Harrell $7,900

Montrezl Harrell scores fantasy points at about 1.26 fantasy points per minute. In the past, the only thing that would worry you about playing Harrell is his playing time. In recent games, he has been trending into the 30+ minute range, which means there may be absolutely no reason not to play him today. With the increased minutes Harrell has scored 53.8 and 41 fantasy points in back-to-back games. A tough matchup against Utah could limit his playing time today, but I also believe Harrell will make for a tough matchup on the other end. If he can use his pace, agility and energy going the other way, just maybe Harrell will see 30+ minutes again today?


Jarrett Allen $6,300

The Rockets are crippled by injury right now, but none is more impactful than the injury to Clint Capela. Without Capela the Rockets lack any rim protection and the rest of the rotation is paper thin. Their best centre option is Nene, who is limited to 15 minutes a game. And the next best is PJ Tucker, who’s probably 6 foot 7 at best. These factors bode very well for Jarrett Allen, who is coming off of a strong 48.4 fantasy point performance. Allen is a vertical threat that the Rockets just can’t contend with. If he doesn’t take advantage of that with another big score today then I’ll be very surprised.