Today’s 8-game slate won’t be a day for high-quality basketball, but it should be a day for massive fantasy scores. Some of the league’s worst defensive teams take the court against each other today, which usually leads to big individual scores. Today’s lock out is at 11:40am (AEDT) so get your team in early for your chance at $7,000 in prizes.

Point Guard

Terry Rozier $6,800

Scary Terry is back in action again with Kyrie Irving sitting out with a strained left hip. Rozier has scored 45.6 and 37.9 in his last two starts and his price has risen to account for that. However, it still hasn’t risen quite enough and if Rozier sees around 30+ minutes he should return nice value on his price.

De’Aaron Fox $7,800

De”Aaron Fox has been a breakout star this year and is leading the Kings to a very respectable record. He’s flattened out a little lately, but his matchup today could see him back to his very best. The Hawks are the league’s best matchup for point guards, giving up over 51 fantasy points a game to lead guards. In their last matchup De’Aaron Fox had 65.5 fantasy points and a repeat of that would make fantasy players very happy today.

Shooting Guard

Jrue Holiday $9,600

Jrue Holiday was not having it with all of this Anthony Davis talk. He came out in the last game and had 18 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, as well as 6 blocks while locking down James Harden and leading the pelicans to a win over the Rockets. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pelicans continue to perform without Davis, as NBA players always have something to prove when they’re told they can’t win without a teammate.

Bradley Beal $9,500

There isn’t a lot of certainty on the wing today, but it can be found from these two shooting guards. Both who will/are thriving in that lead role. Beal is averaging 46 fantasy points per game over his last three and seems unlikely to slow down. Without Wall, Beal is leading the team with a 29.2% usage, while dropping 7 dimes a game over the last three.

Small Forward

Jabari Parker $4,300

Jabari Parker is only priced at $4,300 and has had games of 30.3 and 48.3 in the last three games. He’s also had a 10.7, but the upside outweighs the downside at this price. In the Thursday Special, you have to aim for the upside and Jabari provides better upside than perhaps anyone in today’s slate.

Power Forward

Marcus Morris $5,800

Marcus Morris is playing well in his starting role for the Boston Celtics. Morris is in the lineup to provide some grit and toughness and it’s worked really well for the Celtics. He is averaging over 26 fantasy points per game over the last 5 and the Celtics have won 6 of their last 7, with only one loss to GSW. Morris has a top 5 matchup against the Hornets today, so his recent run of good form doesn’t seem likely to change today.

James Johnson $4,200

James Johnson isn’t making any massive waves, but he is consistently providing a safe return on his cheap salary. He rarely falls below 16 and is capable of scoring in the late 20’s or even the 30’s. With a good matchup against the Bulls today, I think that Johnson has a chance to hit at the high end of that range, with very little chance of falling short.


Jahlil Okafor $7,400

If you haven’t seen what Okafor is doing then you’re missing out! Okafor has averaged 43 fantasy points per game over the last 5 games. He’s been a 20/10 monster and he’s shooting over 70% on some very good looks. With Davis out, Okafor is going to do everything he can to take advantage of this opportunity, so play him now while he still looks underpriced.