It’s that time of year again when the ins and outs start to heavily dictate your fantasy lineup. Injuries have taken hold and some of the league’s best players are starting to wear down from the fatigue. This is the time of year when it’s most important to do your research and keep an eye on the lineups; it’s certainly the most important factor in today’s ten-game slate. If you haven’t been keeping up with the league as much as you would like lately, then you’re in luck. We’ve got you covered with today’s NBA DFS Tips.

Point Guard

Terry Rozier $4,800

We all know what the absence of Kyrie Irving and Al Horford does for the value of the Celtics young guys. Rozier averages don’t even average 20 fantasy points a game with Irving in, yet he averages 30+ as a starter. These lineup omissions play a large part in today’s roster building and you’ll see plenty more Celtics as we continue. But Rozier is probably the best and most obvious place to start, and he shouldn’t be ignored today.

Fred VanVleet $4,900

The return of Lowry seems to have only bolstered Freddy VanVleet, with the guard putting up 41.9 in the Raptors most recent game against Sacramento. In fact, Fred has put up 20+ fantasy points in 8 of his last 9 games, which makes him a no-brainer at this price. Because of a slight blip 3 games ago, Freddy has slipped a couple of hundred, so take advantage of the discount while you can, even against a tough matchup. Despite the matchup strength, Indiana also play two smaller guards, so there’s no reason why VanVleet won’t get minutes. He has also had 25.4 and 26.9 against the Pacers in his last two matches, so there should be no concerns.

Shooting Guard

Jaylen Brown $4,600

Jaylen Brown is another Celtic who will benefit today from the increased role and minutes. His inconsistent minutes have led to inconsistent returns, but at his best Brown has put up scores of 38.2, 40.9, 34.4 and 28.8 all in the last couple of weeks. It’s tough to ignore that type of upside when there’s $7,000 in prizes on the line in today’s Thursday Monster.

James Harden $13,500

James Harden has been out of his world for the last 20+ games. Seriously, he’s averaged over 40 points per game for over a month now. He had a ‘quiet’ game in the last blowout against Philly – 37 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists – but today’s game should be much closer. James Harden has a great record against the Knicks and he loves playing at MSG. I’m sure most of us remember the massive 53 point, 17 rebound and 16 assist game he laid on them a couple years back. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a similarly brilliant tonight and 50 is definitely not out of the question right now. Houston will need every single one of them to come away with a victory tonight.

Small Forward

Derrick Jones $4,400

Derrick Jones is doing that classic Miami thing where guys who don’t seem that good start playing good. The Heat get a lot out of their guys, especially their young wings and Jones is making the most of it with some really strong performances. Jones has all of the tools and the Heat are unleashing him a bit, with 20+ minutes across his last six games. With Jones’ ability to rebound, throw down dunks and cause havoc on defense, he is very capable of doing some fantasy damage with that kind of playing time.

Power Forward

Jayson Tatum $6,500

Tatum is another Celtic who will receive that nice usage bump today with Irving out. With Horford out, that opens up even more time for Tatum to operate with the ball in his hands. Additionally, one thing I’ve failed to mention so far is that the Celtics come up against the Cavs. Even without their absences, most guys on the roster would be a great look against a poor matchup. But with more opportunities and with less of a blowout risk, these guys almost become must-plays against a defense like Clevelands.

Kenneth Faried $5,400

Kenneth Faried has joined the Houston Rockets and should thrive playing next to James Harden (at least on offense). It seems pretty likely that Faried won’t contribute a lot to winning due to his defensive deficiencies, but he should put up some nice stats as the recipient in James Harden pick and rolls. He had 18.2 on debut in a tough matchup and was one of the Rockets few bright spots. Against the Knicks today things should be a lot easier and a double-double doesn’t seem out of the question.


Jahlil Okafor $5,800

Surprise, surprise, another guy who’s stepping into the starter role because of a superstars absence. But can you blame me? A superstar going down opens up so much opportunity for the rest of the roster and Jahlil Okafor proved yesterday that he’s ready to take that opportunity and make the most of it. Okafor had a 41 fantasy point performance in the Pelicans 20 point win over the Grizzlies, thanks to his 20-10 performance on 9/13 shooting from the field. Can Okafor repeat that performance today against the Pistons? Play him and find out!