Round 9 of the AFL season starts off in the West, as the West Coast Eagles host the Melbourne Demons from Optus Stadium. West Coast went east last weekend and toke care of brave St Kilda while Melbourne went to Gold Coast and won in a last-minute triller. This should be a good matchup to start the round.


Elliot Yeo @ 9,400 – Yeo is an interesting one for this matchup, two weeks ago got back to his very best from last season scoring a season high 146 at home against the Suns. Yes, it was against the Suns and we know they are giving up a lot to midfielders but what I was most impressed about was 12 tackles that he laid in that matchup. He is averaging 8.7 tackles in his last 3 games, if he tackles are there and he get involved in some of the uncontested marks that the Eagles are famous for

Marty Hore @ 5,800 – With Hibberd to miss this matchup with injury, it may give more opportunity for Hore to score well. He may get some of those points Hibberd normally takes up by either more marks or more disposals. I think we should expect at least an 80 from Hore in this matchup and for 5,800 that nearly expectable. The option is Lockhart at 4,800, I personally just don’t believe that he will be that effective in this matchup just due to the lack of opportunity that may arise.


Andrew Gaff @ 10,000 – Gaff hasn’t lost anything since his return at the start of the season averaging 115 this season with 32 disposals. At home this season his scores are 134, 115, 144 at an average of 131. Do I need to say much more, the winner of tonight matchup will have Gaff in their side. Just incredible numbers.

James Harmes @ 8,500 – Playing a nice midfield role at the demons has pushed Brayshaw out the wing position, sometimes plays a run with role as he did a few weeks ago against the hawks where he tagged O’Meara in the second half held him to under 25 points for the half. Could he do a similar role on a Gaff or a Shuey. More likely Shuey will get the attention rather than Gaff. Harmes is averaging 100 in the last 3 and if he can do similar to that he is a good option.

Dom Sheed @ 8,000 – In the last two weeks, Sheed been getting more midfield time and is putting solid enough numbers, with 94 last week and 116 the week before. It abit of interesting pick if given the role is given he is  well underpriced at 8,000 to the ceiling that he has.


Max Gawn @ 9,700 – the second lock in everyone team is Gawn, he is absolutely going to destroy Vardy in this matchup. There could be a maximum of 80 points between these two rucks. Vardy could score easily under 50 while I think Gawn goes a minimum of 120. Worth every penny you may to have him in your lineup today.


Not a lot of options for the forwards in this matchup.

Josh Kennedy @5,700 – Is it worth taking a punt of the fact that just maybe the West Eagles key forwards get ahold of the Melbourne defenders. I think it could definitely be an option in this matchup and it’s probably the way ill be heading. Kennedy has been okay this season without being great but we all know that he can turn it on in any matchup and easily kick a bag of goals and score well. Where you go Darling @5,200 instead its really up to you as to who you think may score well against the Demons.

Timothy Smith @4,000 – If we need a lower priced player in our forward he may be okay, Might be able to get a few hitouts, playing the second ruck position. Really unsure of this, there isn’t really much I would consider a decent option.

Good luck to anyone getting involved.