Welcome to any new members of the Moneyball community. Today I will be looking and discuss a bit more about Moneyball and especially the AFL contests on Moneyball.

For each match up in the lobby screen we are offered $60,000 salary to pay for all of players. For each match up you a required to pick 2 Forwards, 3 Midfielders, 1 Ruck and 2 Defenders and also 1 Flex (which is any player from any position). That’s a total of 9 players for your match up.

Scoring works just like AFL Fantasy (for anybody that plays that game) and works abit like this.

Goal 6 Points
Behind 1 Point
Kick 3 Points
Handball 2 Points
Mark 3 Points
Tackle 4 Points
Free Kick for 1 Point
Free Kick against -3 Points
Hitout 1 Point


There are number of different strategies that you can go with on Moneyball which makes it so interesting. I look at who are the must have players for each match up. An example of this is with Max Gawn playing against West Coast – He’s clearly close to a minimum of 70 points better than the next available Ruck in Vardy so he’s the number one pick for me.

You then identify if there are decent rookies or lower price players that you need in your team, any players under say 5,500 or lower that has the ability to score at least 70 or 80 should be considered for your team.

For the rest of your team you look at under priced players who may have had a recent role change or have the ability to score really well in certain match ups. An example would be under priced midfielders playing against teams that give up points like Carlton or Gold Coast.

Then of course you have your higher priced players who are known as your premium, these players are usually the highest averaging players which explains why they are at premium price. If your going to pick one of these higher price players you have to feel confident that they score at least 120 at a minimum for them to be worthy of paying up for.

Good luck and enjoy AFL on Moneyball!